You, me and them

Avery Jennings is still the shy, little virgin she was in high school, only now she is twenty three and Jhonson brothers have been waiting. Cain, Jayden and Caleb were seniors when Avery started at their high school, she had been beautiful but because she wasn't legal yet, they decided they would wait for her, and wait they did. When Avery moves to their small town in Colorado they can hardly believe who they are seeing. Avery needed a fresh start since her mother died and the Jhonson boys are offering that and more, but Avery is in danger and they could be the only ones to protect her. Can they say the girl they love, or will they lose her again.
BTW Avery is based on my best friend Molly and in the next book the girl Teri is based on my other best friend well, Teri.


2. Remembering the black haired beauty

Cain and Jayden both rolled down their windows to cool the car off a bit, the midday Colorado sun was hotter than an open flame sometimes. They were on their way to pick up Caleb, their brother, and head back to the ranch. Teri was supposed to be cooking fajitas and Cain and his brothers loved her cooking, they had fallen in love with her food when she first went for the job as the chef at their ranch. 

"Man, why did Caleb have to go into town at the hottest time of the day?" Jayden whined and Cain punched him in the arm.

"Oh man up you little girl, you would get even hotter working on the ranch." Cain taunted him, when he turned his attention back to the road. Suddenly a young woman appeared on the road out of nowhere and Cain swerve to avoid hitting her. A girlish scream filled the air just as the car came to a rough stop. Jayden and Cain cursed loudly before jumping from the truck and running over to the young woman. She was passed out on the ground and her hair was sprawled over the ground, her shoulders and her face. Cain brushed the hair of her face to get a good look at her, his heart stopped when he saw who the young woman was. Avery Jennings, the girl him and his brothers had been in love with ever since senior year, was lying beside him. Her face was dirty and she looked exhausted, beaten down.  Gone was the lively, light hearted girl whom had captured his heart, instead she was replaced by someone he didn't even recognise. Yet even in her rough appearance she was still beautiful, her black waves still looked like it did back in high school. Cain had always loved her hair, when her eyes were open her hair made her look exotic and beautiful when mixed with her bright hazel eyes that at times seemed gold.

"Shit, it's Avery." Jayden breathed out in a husky voice. Cain was brought back to the present by his brother's words.

"Jay, call Caleb and tell him to get to the doctor now. You drive, I want to be there in less than ten minutes." Cain barked as he lifted their black haired beauty into his arms and carried her over to the truck. Mindful of her head, he got in and held her against his chest as she lay on his lap. 

"You got it, bro." Jayden said as he sped off into the town. 

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