You, me and them

Avery Jennings is still the shy, little virgin she was in high school, only now she is twenty three and Jhonson brothers have been waiting. Cain, Jayden and Caleb were seniors when Avery started at their high school, she had been beautiful but because she wasn't legal yet, they decided they would wait for her, and wait they did. When Avery moves to their small town in Colorado they can hardly believe who they are seeing. Avery needed a fresh start since her mother died and the Jhonson boys are offering that and more, but Avery is in danger and they could be the only ones to protect her. Can they say the girl they love, or will they lose her again.
BTW Avery is based on my best friend Molly and in the next book the girl Teri is based on my other best friend well, Teri.


3. Old friend

Caleb was sitting in the town bar chatting up a young lady when his phone starting ringing, looking at the caller ID he saw it was his brother Jayden. Agitated at being interrupted, he answered the phone.

"Now is not a good time bro, I'm trying to do something." He growled into the phone.

"Yeah, and by that you mean someone. Listen, we were driving to pick you up when we almost  hit someone, someone we know."

"Yeah is he okay?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah SHE is fine, it's Avery Jennings." Jayden said and Caleb almost chocked on the chicken piece he was eating. After several seconds of coughing Caleb returned his attention to his triplet on the phone. 

"I'm sorry, could you repeat that because I could swear you just said you almost ran over Avery Jennings." Caleb barked down the phone. He could envision her, her black hair sprawled over her shoulders and her eyes shining bright like ambers. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't see her face in his mind, he pretended the women he slept with were her. He never meant to demean them that way, it was just that no one could compare to her. 

"That is exactly what I said, get your ass to the hospital now! Cain and I should be there in five minutes." Was the last thing Jayden said before he snapped his phone shut. well, crap. Without even saying goodbye to the young lady he was talking to, Caleb ran out of the bar. The hospital wasn't far, in fact it was just a two minute run, he got there in no time at all. He waited a few minutes before his brothers arrived, with Avery lying in Cain's arms. Caleb raced over to them and held her pretty little head in his hands.

"Oh my god, it's really her." He breathed roughly before turning and leading his brothers into the hospital. A few doctors came over and lifted Aver onto a gurney, they put and oxygen mask over her face to help her breath. Caleb could hardly believe that this was happening, that they had found Avery, that she was so badly hurt. He wanted to scream in rage and frustration as he watched them roll her away and into an operation room. He swore right then, how would find who did this to her, and they would pay. 


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