Snow in September

*Sequel to Summer Love
Emily & Sarah return to New York after a long Irish summer. In their 2 month adventure, the girls got close to the lads of One Direction, Emily especially close to Niall. The girls tested their friendship as Sarah got upset & jealous of Emily. Now back for their junior year, the girls face even more hardships as they begin to drift & cling on to the last strand. The girls go to one last 1D concert in hopes of saving their friendship. Bit when Emily is asked to tour with her favorite band, will that be the end of their friendship?


6. A Day in the City

I woke up and looked out the window to the familiar view of the city. I got sad and felt like a stranger in my own city. I sighed and watched all the buildings and people going by. The car pulled in to the Plaza Hotel and we got out.

"Is this where you guys are staying?"

"Yeah, sort of. We like the tour bus better, more home-y." 

"Gotcha." I nodded my head. We quickly made our way inside.

"There they are!" Harry jumped up and extended his arms for a hug. 

"Hey guys! It's so good to see you." We all exchanged hugs and greeted each other.

"It's really nice to see you girls, too," Harry said when he gave us a hug. "Sarah, you look really good. It's been a while..." His voice trailed off. He shyly looked away and Sarah blushed.

"Thanks, I think.."

"Anyway.." I broke the silence. "So when's lunch? I'm STARVING!"

"Really, Emily. I'm going to start counting the times you say that this weekend!" I laughed and shook my head at my friend's remark.

"No but really..."

"Right this way, ladies." We followed the boys in to the restaurant. We spent an hour eating, laughing, and catching up. Sarah stopped acting obnoxious and that made me really happy. Everything was finally falling in to place, and I had a feeling all of us could get to be really good friends. 

After lunch, we walked around the city. Niall and I walked slowly behind everyone else, hand-in-hand. From where we were, it looked like Harry and Sarah were walking pretty close together. 

"They're pretty cute, don't you think?"


"Harry and Sarah."

"Well to be honest, all the lads like Sarah. Last night they were all arguing over who would sit next to her or walk with her."

"Sounds like every day at school the past two years..."

"Guess it's up to her who she likes best."

"It's you, Ni. She wants you. She has ever since we first saw you in Ireland and she still does." It got silent, and we walked in the quiet for a few blocks. We caught up to the others and continued walking. 

We strolled through Times Square and Manhattan, popping in and out of stores. After a few hours we went back to the tour bus to hang out before it was time for the boys to go. 

"So," I asked when the boys left, leaving us in the tour bus. "If you had to pick one of the boys, aside from Niall, who would you pick?"

"Hmm, either Harry or Liam. Why?"

"Because. Niall told me that they all constantly argue about you." Her face lit up and she grinned.

"For real?"

"Yup. So it's up to you."

"Oh God. I don't know. I like them all. But I guess I'll see who pays the most attention to me tonight." She shrugged. 

Oh boy. This, was going to be a long night.

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