The Perks of Being a Teenager

Are you a teenager, finding it hard to cope with life's struggles? Well, I am too, and I've decided to share some of my mishaps with you and the Movellian Community. Happy reading!
I put yellow coz Im talking bout stuff like discharge and stuff so I dont want any youngsters coming on and then going and asking what it is. Trust me, I've been in that position!


4. How I met my science teacher

OK, so this one isn't that great, but it's still part of the perks of being a teenager so, I've decided to include it.


During yr7 I had to go to this group thingy at learning support to 'increase my confidence' and other crap like that. But the problem with this group was (it wasn't so bad, I got to make microwave cakes and pancakes!) I had to go to the other end of the school after, and we were always let out late.

So, I'm speed walking down the corridor, almost at the end... when this teacher walks out of this classroom and I stop, milimetres away from touching him. But after muttering a few apologies and walking on, cursing him under my breath about how stupid it was to just walk out of a classroom without checking, I forgot all about him.


That is, until I'm lining up outside my new classroom at the start of yr8, and..... the teacher I'd walked into ended up being our science teacher. So much for great first impressions!

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