My Best Friend. Justin Bieber

This story is based on Justin Bieber having a normal life and he is 19 and he has a friend named Rebeccca ! She is also 19. Justin and Rebecca hang out alot will justins hormones kick in and start liking faith more than a best friend? and does she?


2. chpt.2:Dating?

Becca's POV:

Me and Justin were sitting on the couch with his arm around my shoulder.


"yeah juju"

"wanna take a walk?"

"sure juju"

I went upstairs to get changed i was putting on some purple bootyshorts, black croptop, purple supras,eyeliner,mascara,and my hair straghten.

"looking beautiful as always." i blused while looking in his beautiful brown eyes

Justin's POV:

I took her hand and walked outside. I couldnt help thinking are we dating? over and over again! My thoughts interupted by her beautiful voice.

"Juju are you okay?"

"yeah baby im fine"


"Yeah sweetheart?"

"are we a couple? like dating?"

"well... we are bestfriends and i want to be more and scince we kissed i felt a spark and firworks!"

i lean in and so did she but before we kissed she ran around the corner so i chased  her.I fsaw a car and i looked around it. I stood up, then i felt arms around my waist.

"guess who?"


"no butt head it me"

I turn around to see becca

"butt head huh?"

she tried to run again but i grabbed her waist.

"now.... where were we?'

so we both leaned in it and out lips sync. I felt so many fire works going off. So after five sexual minutes of kissing in public, chaz interupted.

"YO, BIEBER!" i turned around blushing


" nothing, um are you too dating?" chaz says.

i was gonna say no but becca interupted


"YES!" I  screamed and picked her up and spinning her around!

(A/N) hey for those of you reading as you know this is my second book. like comment what u think and favroite please love you my beautiful BELIEBER FAMILY AND FANS OF ME!!!!!

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