My Best Friend. Justin Bieber

This story is based on Justin Bieber having a normal life and he is 19 and he has a friend named Rebeccca ! She is also 19. Justin and Rebecca hang out alot will justins hormones kick in and start liking faith more than a best friend? and does she?


4. All Nighter!

Justin's pov:

So when becca got done with hugging ryan i told her i had to talk to her in my room

"Ohhhh dont do nothing now!!" chaz and ryan said pedoish

she blushed i thinks its cute when she blushes

"babe whats up?" i kissed her before she could say anything, good think i locked the door

We kept kissing she reped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

I gently put her on my bed,then a know on the door

"justin ur moms here!" chaz said through the door

"wait here!"i told her "Wuff" she played along so i geabbed her hand leading her down stairs with me. when sh saw mom andmom saw her they hugged like crazy so i say.....

"mom dont brake my girlfriend i need her!"

Mom jumps "g-g-girlfriend!"

"yes momma we are dating now." i told her while she lets rebecca go!

"yayy" she said hugging me and becca both! i felt squshed


it was like 5 am and becca was so tiredshe kpt trying not to close her beautiful green hazel eyes.

"baby yu can go to sleep." i whisper in her ear

" not unless you come with me?" she asked in my ear

"ok baby, Hey ry, chaz we gonna go to bed see ya in the morning ."

so we went upsairs, i carried becca on my back cuz she was really tired. i put her on the bed, pulled off my shirt. Then cuddled next to her. Her eyes were closed and then she whipserd "i love you justy." i wasnt shocked she says it all the time but she ment it for realy this time.

" i love you too sweetie good night."

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