How Long Is Forever?

"You belong with me, damn it!" he growled, "And I'm not going to have it any other way!"
"It's not like I didn't warn you," I mumbled, his proximity making my body heat up with desire. "Look girl, I'm going to have you," he snarled making my heart race, "Try and stop me if you can. You're going to be with me forever."
I looked at him, his body tensed up and burned with want. "How long is forever?" I asked.
"Enough for you to want me as bad as I want you."


2. The Deal

“You blacked out in a club,” Grace announced. “After you spilled your drink all over a girl’s dress.”

“I remember. It was Club Addikted,” I replied. “I think I apologized but she ran towards the bathroom without responding.”

“That’s not the point!” she exclaimed. “I told you not to go!”

“And I didn’t listen,” I replied and got up. I put on a sweatshirt, grabbed my phone and walked outside the hospital room.

I didn’t need any more lectures. My phone buzzed with a message, ‘Zayn, you heard? A girl challenged Harry!’ it was from a guy named Louis. Wait- my phone wasn’t mine. What the hell?

Then the phone rang, it was my number. I picked up.

“Hello?” I said.

“Who is this?” a male with a weird accent asked.

“Who are you?” I asked back.

“You have my phone,” he said coldly.

“You have my phone,” I replied coldly as well. I heard that person sigh.

“I need my phone, alright?” he sighed. “Come over to Mike’s Knight tomorrow at six. We’ll exchange our phones.” And he hung up.


I was at the Mike’s Knight at six, like that weird person asked me to. I had to fight with Grace to come here. She said that I had no one to meet at the moment and that there was no reason for me to go out. I shouted that I was on a date. So I dressed like I was in one. Grace infuriated me sometimes. And my anger would be released on the weird-accent guy if he came late. Maybe I could use him to get out of the hospital. Which was my plan. He wouldn't be the first victim.

I saw a guy walk in. He was handsome. Very handsome. Dark brown hair with blond highlights. Piercing hazel eyes. Which looked agitated. And a sexy pair of lips. Now that would be something to date.

He searched around and then took out his phone. My phone! He noticed me glaring at him. He walked over to me and held out the phone.

“Here it is,” he said coldly. “Give me mine.” An arrogant guy? Interesting. 

“I will, if you’re a bit nice about it,” I remarked.

“I don’t do nice,” he muttered.

“Then you can do without your phone,” I casually said as I sipped on my coffee. He sat down.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked. “I need my phone.” A desperate arrogant jerk? Even better.

“Go out with me,” I remarked calmly getting straight to the point. “You’ll get your phone.” My plan was in action. He laughed.

“Do you know that if you date me the entire world will know?” he laughed out.

“No, I don’t,” I replied. “Doesn't need to exclusive. Just a few dates.” Was he a celebrity? I just needed a guy to go out with.

“Look girl-” he began.

“Olive,” I said as I took another sip of the coffee.

“Okay, Olive,” he said. “I want my phone.”

“You’ll have to go out with me,” I smiled. I really didn't want to be locked in that hospital room.

“Fine,” he said. “How many dates do you want?” How much? I had a month. Over all, two weeks would be just stupid stuff. And one week only devoted to me, me and me. Between that seven days in four weeks, would be nice to waste away with this weird guy.

“Seven dates,” I replied. “But you’ll want more than that.” I remember saying that to the last guy.

“Oh, please,” he snickered. “You’re not my type.” That’s what the last guy said.

I leaned in closer to him. “Your type will change.” He fake-laughed.

“I won’t fall for you, Olive,” he snickered. “Rather you’ll fall for me.” It’s exactly what the last guy said! Are all guys the same?

“Is that a challenge?” I asked suddenly excited. It was long since I last played a game.

“Seven dates. Who falls for whom? Sounds like one to me,” he said huskily. I smiled.

It will be interesting. I would love to win this.

“Are you in?” he asked with a smile.

“I am,” I smiled. It would be easy to win him over. I had experience. With a lot of guys. I always won.

He smiled. He got up to leave and then turned towards me.

“By the way, I’m Zayn Malik,” he said. “You must have heard about me.”

Zayn Malik? The player? I mean the entire One Direction were players. The only one who wasn’t a player was Niall Horan. The Kid of One Direction. 

But, playing Zayn Malik?

This would get interesting.

Playing the player.

A very difficult challenge.

A challenge I always wanted to take.

I loved it.

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So started the spin-off :) It's a long chapter. I hope you don't get bored. It's just the start. The real fun will begin soon. You know what I mean. Thanks for reading.

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