Space Oddity

The title says it all...hope you enjoy. For Inspired by a Song competition.


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Vast expanse of greenery and as far as the eye can see there are just lush, green plants. Amidst this plantation, a young boy, perhaps in his teens, stood admiring the beauteous, azure sky. The leaves were happily humming and dancing to the cool, mild breeze with an aircraft or two buzzing evenly in the background. The boy stood stoic-unperturbed by his surrounding, with his eyes fixed on the clouds-keenly observing a lone bird in the sky. The bird whose species could not be recognized by the boy was under a secret observation. It flew along with the wind, casting large, faint shadows on the field, dodging the obstacles in the air, basking in the sunlight, which seeped through the clouds, for a moment or two and finally the solo bird emerged the victorious tsar of the sky. It would glide, slow down, quicken, swerve, correct its course and at some point, it began to flow in the huge airy ocean. Float like a little feather, it did.

I want to fly. The boy thought to himself, gathering courage.

I will fly. He was determined. His gleaming bold eyes managed to catch a glimpse of the sailing bird before it disappeared- away from the horizon.

I will fly.


The astronaut snapped out of his memories and reminded himself about his on-going mission. Like a lone warrior in a battle, he looked confident and determined. Although his attire differed from that of a real soldier’s, his calm and poise reflected his unflinching attitude. He took a deep breath and through his helmet. Though his surroundings would disagree, the solitary spaceman was sweating beneath his bulky, podgy, puffy suit. He managed to regulate the suit temperature and stood alongside the pod, quietly observing the scene which lay ahead.

The stars twinkle differently today, he felt. The little, twinkling diamonds looked bigger and much closer. Stars were above. Stars were below. Like the minute specks of light on an infinitely long, mystical carpet, they were glistening in accordance to a heavenly tune- the very essence of creation. He looked forward with hope. Miles. The surrounding which was copiously sprinkled with stars seemed like chocolate chips on a life-sized cake. The astronaut pushed back. In this endless void, the scintillating giants were his friends. He felt small in his heart on seeing this larger than life panorama. Nevertheless even if he’d been a small fleck of dirt in the universe today, his dream had been realized. And that didn’t make him feel low.

Pensively observing the ‘space-scape’, the astronaut didn’t realize that he’d spent hours admiring the artwork of God. Only an earthly voice emerging from a contrivance could awaken the astronaut from his dreamy, surreal sleep.

The astronaut clutched the umbilical cable tightly as he peered around for the last time. He gripped the cord securely as he inched closer to the space cabin.

“Ground control to Major Tom?” The lonely astronaut could hear the speaker buzz. He removed his helmet and headed towards the microphone.

“Ground control to Major Tom?” Guys back at NASA were in a mood to tease.

“Here, ground control.” The astronaut spoke into the microphone.

“Congratulations! Your EVA skywalk has set a new record,” the speaker droned and a loud applause followed.

The astronaut smiled. His hard-working colleagues had put a lot of effort and because of them, his dream had been fulfilled.

“They are so impressed!” A raspy voice could be heard now. “People are going crazy! They want to know which cereal you eat, soap you use and even whose shirt you wear!”

The astronaut chortled at the remark. “I’ll reveal them later…for the shutterbugs.” He took a deep breath and continued in a serious tone. “The skywalk went well. I hope the other experiments happen as expected.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be easy as pie.” His co-worker replied. “Good luck again and may force be with you,” the speaker boomed and with a loud crack, it shut down. *************************************************************************************

The lonesome astronaut, protected by the little walls of his space capsule, was readying the equipment for his experiments, when he chanced upon an awe-inspiring sight. The little, so-called ‘window’ or portal provided an excellent view of his home planet. The astronaut looked out with curiosity. The planet indeed looked like a blue marble spinning, revolving, rumbling silently over an invisible surface. He could easily spot the mighty Great Wall of China. He felt like the bird in the sky, flying ahead. His dream had been fulfilled and yet a strong, powerful feeling of over-whelming satisfaction prevailed in his mind. He was the king of the sky and now, there was nothing stopping him. His gleaming, bold eyes gazed through the glass.

“Yeah!” He exclaimed triumphantly as he banged his hand against the table unintentionally, of course.

A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind. He remembered Armstrong’s famous words. He smiled with glint of excessive sureness. I will fly…more.

He sat silently observing the scene and the experiment was put on hold for a while.

But alas! Only if he knew…while he was busy looking down, the scientists at NASA were busy trying to make out the reason for the scrambled signals originating from the space capsule. Soon, they lost contact with the space capsule. They tried everything to bring the communication back on but were unsuccessful.

The American astronaut realized that something was amiss when the speaker didn’t buzz as usual. Upon checking, he found nothing problematic in the capsule.

He sighed as he eyed the speaker dubiously vaguely hoping that the speaker would buzz and his crazy-about-movies colleagues would light a conversation with a famous film or song. The system was failing and the reason- unknown. Back up lights were on. The automatic doors ceased to work. Luckily, the oxygen was still functional and the food supply was still aplenty. The capsule was not in control to anyone, anymore…..

The lonesome astronaut sat staring out the little glass pane, in a daze. Like a lone brave warrior staring into death’s cold eyes, the astronaut was not worried. His eyes were dejected, his forehead shimmering with sweat, but every time, he looked out his heart would thump with excitement and his feverish body would pump adrenaline. He let out a weak smile for in a cruel way, his dream had been fulfilled.

The small tin can-like space capsule floated aimlessly in the space along with the other space debris. It was off the trajectory. The large abyss filled with twinkling stars looked like a mysterious blanket with warps, and darkness. The glistening stars were laughing at him-his own fate turned away from him. The emptiness could eat up the pod anytime. The astronaut waited patiently- he knew that the end was soon going to engulf him. But the little space capsule like every dot of dust wandered randomly…before tumbling down into the world of darkness and oblivion.

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