They Don't Know About Us

Emily is going to London for her 4 years of high school. But when her school doesn't get her a host family and ends up with One Direction what will happen? And she starts getting stalked by someone that threatens to get her what will happen? Read to find out


13. Liam Speaks

Liam's P.O.V

Emily opened up to us and told us everything: that she has a abusive boyfriend, that her friend threatened her when she left, how her mom let her take car of herself starting when she turned 10 You could tell she was so relieved when Niall told her they got A and his spy because she knew we were safe. I know she looks at me like a brother, some one that cares about her unlike what she had in Minnesota. You could tell she thought we were gonna think she was screwed up when she told us about her past but we all just loved her more. She is one of the best friends Harry has ever had, best girlfriend Niall has ever had, Zayn opens up to her about all the hate he gets because she gets it to, and to Louis they just joke around and pull pranks on each other, and to me she's the best little sister ever.

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