They Don't Know About Us

Emily is going to London for her 4 years of high school. But when her school doesn't get her a host family and ends up with One Direction what will happen? And she starts getting stalked by someone that threatens to get her what will happen? Read to find out


3. Finding Emily

Niall's P.O.V

"Hey guys look at this" I said "What is it?" Liam asked "This girl on twitter is in London but she didn't get  a host family." "Ohh Niall's got a crush." Harry said "I do not." I say blushing "Why does this matter?" Zayn asked "We should go get her." I say "Why?" Liam asked "Because she's all by herself in London." I say "Okay let's go." Liam said "Yeeessss." I say we all hoped in the car and left.

*Skip car ride*

We pulled up to the airport and I saw her slumped against a wall. "I'll go get her." I say and hop out of the car. I walked over to where she sat head burrowed in her knees "Emily?" I say "Y-yeah" She said and looked up I could tell she had been crying. "I heard you needed a place to say, wanna come with me?"

Emily's P.O.V

I can't believe it thee Niall Horan just asked me to go with him "Sure" I said he held out a hand and helped me up. He led me to the car and opened the door and I hopped in. The rest of the boys looked at me and said hey and we drove back to their house.

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