Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


2. getting ready

We were still on tour when Nat came around Im so happy shes here! But she ended her career for me. I thought we were fine but she came back and realize we couldnt make it work. I was awake Nat was still asleep I just laid there so i wouldnt wake her she was beuitiful she woke up and turn to face me I looked her in her blue eyes "good morning buitiful" I said and kissed her

"good morning' she said. Its our one year anniversy I had it all planned out she wasnt very girly so i thought we go for a nice walk together.

(Nats POV)

I woke up and Zayn was awake laying beside me I turn to face him and look into his brown eyes "good morning beuitiful" he said and kissed me

"good morning" I said I was hoping something special not a romantic dinner but I trusted Zayn for something special. I went to the bathroom to get dressed and brush my hair putting a little bit of mascra and lipgloss on I put on the outfit i had on when we went on our first date I had on pink boots (like cece and rocky on shake it up) pre ripped white jeans and a pink love top with my white cropped leather jacket straightened all my hair and came out I went to get my hair extention I also wore that night it was pink and went to go put it in and walked over to Zayn he put his arms around my waist and mine around his neck and we kissed.

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