Dating Malik

this is the new book after babysitting malik hope you like it :)


3. aniversry

(Zayn POV)

I told the boys we were leaving but they didnt really care we left I told her that I thought we could walk together she liked the idea and held my hand and we started walking nowhere in particular. Then  I took out my present to her."you got me a gift" she said

"yeah"i said "open it"

"ok" She opened it "a charm braclet" Nat gave a hug and kissed me

"oh and"I handed her a charm that had a Z and another that had a heart looked down at it and gave a hug again.

"thank you so much" Nat said "come with me" we went back to the house and she gave me a present I opened it it was the x factor paper "from the last time you saw me you gave this to me oh and"she pulled one more out. It was a necklace with a N in a heart I hugged her and put it on and put her charm braclet on her.We walked out of the room and into the living room where all the boys were I sat down Nat next to me laying her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her.

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