Their Blood On My Hands

When Eliza was little, her parents and family were mudered. She escaped with her families blood on her hands. She was taken to a care center and treated cruely. At 16 she was released, and it was up to her to survive in that cruel and unforgiving world. The boys of the world fell hoplessly in love with her. How will she survive life? * By the way this isnt very gory she just had a bad past*


4. Umm yeah...

                                                         2 days later...



"And today Miss Pettigrew..." RING RING RING RING. The phones cries bounded off the walls, echoing through out my apartment. I stumbled over to the telephone stand, quite irritated that I was missing 'Little Miss' the new tv series. "Hello this is Eliza speaking" I grumbled, the irritation seeping into my tone. " Miss Green would you care to attend the meeting. Its held at 11pm at revolutionary Jewel. Its for staff members only."

"Umm yeah..." I started but was cut off by a rude voice interrupting


" But..." the line ended, leaving me both happy and irritated. Mangers some days I thought as I walked to my bedroom, wanting to see the rest of my show. On the way my eye caught the time. 10:45!?!?!?!?! I'll never be ready on time. I quickened my pace and thrust open my bedroom door. I rummaged unhappily through my chest of draws till I found a long, sky blue evening dress, with little birds coloured light pink and purple. I pulled on my studded straps, hastily searching my draw for makeup. I finally found some light pink lipstick, eye shadow, red blush and applied them all, looking in the mirror to check my appearance. I brushed my golden brown hair and put into a braid,and pulled on a black hand bag with my phone, some tissues and my purse in it. I ran out the door as fast as my legs would carry me 

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