Poems from the darkest soul



1. Open your eyes


Taken from the heart of mind
Destroyed by everything unkind
Broken, bleeding, rotten, sore
Doesn't have the strength to go anymore

Hate is all she ever feels
Everything is so unreal
Lying, hurting, ugly, fake
This depressive feeling she 
Just can't shake

Drowning in emptyness
It's all the same; more or less
Alone, insane, and always falling
The blood from her wrist 
Is constantly pouring 

Soon maybe she'll be free
Holding onto a broken dream
Wishing, hoping, really trying
But inside she's still truly dying

A future in black
A past in blue
Maybe this girl isn't really true

She want's to fly
But her wings are clipped
From the heavens she was
Conceived, but it's straight
To hell she will leave

A world in hate will go nowhere
Still falling, still downing in a 
Pool of despair, open up your 
eyes and you might see that 
broken girl is really me



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