Zianourry Family

Louis and Niall are a married couple who go down to the orphanage to adopt the three kids they've been told about after they signed some papers. They go to the orphanage and take Harry, Liam and Zayn home.

The couple have a hard time managing their new children, but somehow they make it work out at the end of the day.


2. Chapter 1


Once the three boys were out of the room Eleanor looked at Niall and Louis and asked, "So, would you like a little background information on each boy?" They both nodded and she began talking, "Harry was brought here at the age of 7 months. His parents died in a house fire and Harry was left alone for 3 days until the police found him." The two men nodded their heads as she continued, "Liam was 5 when he got here. His parents were abusive and violent, the neighbours called child services and Liam was brought here. His parents died a month later in a car accident due to drunk driving." Again, the two nodded and she continued on, "Zayn was 4 when he got here. His parents left him outside the orphanage with a note that said they couldn't take care of him anymore."

Niall's POV (Point Of View):

We both nodded our heads and Louis asked, "So they don't trust anyone?" Eleanor shrugged her shoulders and replied, "They do... but you have to earn their trust. Harry is easy and will probably trust you in a day or so, maybe less. Liam will probably take a few days and Zayn, well, there's no telling when he will trust you. They're all very clingy and protective of each other. Liam and Zayn are especially protective of Harry."

"Alright, anything else?" I ask. She thinks for a minute before nodding her heads. "I might as well tell you more about them," We nod our heads and she continues. "Harry is scared of... well, many things. Thunder storms, fire, heights, being alone, the dark, loud noises and a lot of other things. H still wears diapers and can barely talk, he mostly smiles and babbles things. He has nightmares and wakes up at night crying, he also hates yelling and screaming. Liam is scared of spoons, don't ask why, I don't know why. He doesn't like baths but won't fuss if Harry or Zayn are with him. He plays the big brother role and is really bossy sometimes, he can sort of read but not that well. He's scared of people yelling, because of his past and he's really sweet once he's out of his shell. Zayn is scared of baths, like the other two, but won't fuss like Liam if one of the two are with him. He's pretty quiet and mysterious, if you ask me. He can read and everything already and reads bedtime stories to Harry. Zayn is also scared of the dark, he can't swim but isn't that scared of water."

We both nod our heads and then we all hear a soft knock on the door. "Come in!" Eleanor shouts. The door opens and Zayn, Liam and Harry stand there holding hands. "Oh boys, did you grab your things?" She asks the boys. Zayn nods his head and she looks at us. "Well, that's all, I think. You can take them home now!" I nod my head and we stand up. "I'll leave you guys alone and goodbye Mr and... Mr Toran! Bye Zayn, Harry and Liam!" Eleanor says with a smile then walks out of the room.

"So boys, are you ready to go home?" Louis asks the three boys. They nod and we both smile. "Lets go then!" I cheer, causing Harry and Liam to flinch. "Sorry!" I say quieter. We walk to the door and Louis and I grab the little bags with the boys' things. We lead the boys to the car and they stand there while Louis and I put their things in the trunk.

We already put three car seats in the back seats so we wouldn't have to worry about that. Louis closes the trunk and we open both back doors. "So, who wants to sit in the middle?" Louis asks. Zayn and Liam look at each other then back at us. Zayn raises his hand and I bend down to pick him up but he backs away. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to put you into the car seat." I say softly. He nods hesitantly and lets me pick him up. I put him in the car seat and buckle him in. Next Louis picks Liam up but he also flinches away. He looks over at Zayn who nods his head with a small smile. Louis tries picking Liam up again and this time he lets him. Louis then puts him in the car seat on the left and buckles him in. I pick Harry up and look at him. He smiles shyly at me and I grin. I put him into the car seat on the right side and buckle him in.

Once that's done Louis and I close the back doors and smile at each other. We get into the front seats again. Louis drives again while I sit in the passengers seat. Louis starts to drive and I stare out the window, thinking of our new family. After about 15 minutes I look at the back seats at the three boys. Zayn is holding both Liam and Harry's hands with his eyes closed. Harry is asleep on Zayn's shoulder and Liam is staring out the window.

I turn back around and look at Louis who smiles at me. I smile back and look out the window again. After another 45 minutes we pull up to the driveway of our house and get out of the car. We both open both sides of the back doors. Louis unbuckles Liam's seat and Liam jumps out. I slowly unbuckle Harry's seat, trying not to wake him up while Louis gets Zayn out. I finally get Harry's seat unbuckled and slowly take him out of the car, holding him close. I look down at Liam and Zayn who are both glaring at me. "What's the matter?" I whisper. They both point at Harry. Confused, I look at Harry who's asleep and has his head rested on my shoulder. 

Zayn walked up to me until he was right in front of me and looking up at me with a glare. I raise an eyebrow and he points to Harry again. "What?" I ask. He opens his arms, indicating that he wants to carry Harry. I hesitate but put Harry into Zayn's arms slowly. Zayn holds him close and looks up at Louis and I expectantly. "Okay, right, so... Lets get into the house!" Louis says awkwardly. We walk into the house and Louis locks the door after everyone is inside. "Okay so, you two can make yourselves comfortable and we'll get you some snacks!" I say. Liam nods and Louis and I walk out of the room and to the kitchen where we prepare some healthy snacks (no sugar until after dinner, for now).

No One's POV (Third Person):

Zayn and Liam look around the room, unsure of what to do. Zayn sighs and reaches for one of Liam's hands and walks to the dark red couch. Liam looks at him confused and unsure, "It's okay, just sit." Zayn tells him quietly. Liam nods and sits on the couch, reaching his arms out for Harry. Zayn nods and places a sleeping Harry onto Liam's lap gently then sits down on the couch beside him, absent mindedly stroking Harry's hair. Liam hugs Harry closer and looks around the room.

Louis walks back into the room with a smile, followed by Niall. They set a tray of different fruits on the table that are in bowls. They sit down on the ground beside the couch and look at the two boys who stare back at them. "You're safe here. You can relax and feel at home, this is your home. Your new home." Niall says softly. The boys still look unsure and continue to glare at the two older men. Louis sighs and gets comfortable on the floor, with his legs crossed and right elbow on his leg with his head rested on the palm of his hand.

Niall also gets comfortable and sits cross legged too, but he has his hands rested behind him, the palm of his hands flat on the ground, supporting him and keeping him up. They both stare at stare at the two boys who are awake and they stare back again. Niall sighs and looks at the boys' clothes, realizing how uncomfortable they must be. "Lou, we should get them new clothes." Niall says while looking at Louis. Louis nods and says, "I'll get them a fresh pair of clothes, and we'll go shopping later." Niall nods as Louis gets up and jogs up the stairs. Niall looks back at the boys who are still staring at him. "Staring isn't polite." He informs them with a smirk. They immediately look away. Niall laughs and says, "I was kidding! You can look anywhere you like!" They look back at him with wide eyes and he quiets down.  

Meanwhile upstairs Louis is looking around and deciding on what to get the boys for clothes, all their clothing is too big and they forgot to buy clothes for all of them, it completely slipped out of their heads. He settles for three of Niall's T Shirts, two pairs of his shorts and one of Niall's shorts. He walks back downstairs and sees that Niall is staring at Liam and Zayn, who are staring back at him. He awkwardly coughs and everyone, except Harry who's sleeping, looks at him. "So, I got some of our clothes, they might--actually they will be big, but that's all we got until tomorrow." He says to the two boys. They both look up at him with big eyes and Liam asks, "What's tomorrow?" Niall and Louis both smile widely because that's the first words Liam's said to them so far. "We're going shopping for new clothes, we forgot to buy them before so we'll go tomorrow altogether and you all can pick out whatever you want." Niall says with a smile.

Liam smiles shyly and asks, "You would really do that for us?" Louis nods instantly and replies, "Of course! We're a family now, we're your dads, basically. We love you and care for you." Liam smiles widely at them both and decided that he likes Louis and Niall. They actually care about them. 

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