Loving the Unloved *Scattered Glass Series*

*NOTE* Please read the first book! *Once in a LifeTime* (Scattered Glass Series)
Me and Isabella are now happily together! Everything was fine until we meet her parents! That's when everything went wrong! They didn't like me! They were mean and we also meet her best guy friend Josh. There's one thing I didn't know about him! He had a crush on her too! He better not try to get her back! She's mine now! And I'm very protected of the people I love. We are also going on vacation to the most romantic place in the world for her birthday! She doesn't know where we're going. She will find out the very last minute!


3. "The Prank Call!"

Isabella's POV

    Today was the day! The day where my parents were going to meet Joey. Let's see how this goes. Joey was in the bathroom getting ready and I was already ready. I walked upstairs and into the living room. Anthony and Kalel were watching tv. I walked over to them and said "Hi guys! Well we're off to the airport!" "Oh ok Have fun!" Kalel said. "Yeah right. I'm afraid of heights. The first time I was fine. But for some reason now. I'm so scared. Kalel got up and came over to me and gave me a hug. "You'll be fine! You got Joey." "Yeah." Joey came up with our suitcases and said "Ready to go?" "Yep!" We hopped in the cab we called 30 minutes ago and he drove us to the airport. We got out and checked for our flight to make sure it was still going on time. It wasn't. She said that it was delayed for an hour. Great. She took our bags and put tags on them and put them through a door. I looked at our tickets and it said we had to go to Gate 11 Area 345 Flight 9. 

    I found Gate 11 and said "Joey we have to go that way." "Ok." We would our area and flight and sat down near the doors where we were going to board. "Joey I'm so scared." 'Why?" "I'm afraid of heights." "You'll be fine." He kissed me and then was about to say something when someone came on the intercom and said "Flight 9 has be pushed back to it's regular scheduled time to take off. We will be seating people in a couple minutes. "Good. I didn't want to wait a hour." About 5 minutes later they called me and Joey's names and we hopped on the plane. We sat down and they seated everyone else. Then the flight person came on and said "Put on your seat belts we will be taking off in 5 minutes." "Joey I'm so scared." "Here chew some gum. It's suppose to help." The plane started taking off and I put my arms around Joey. I closed my eyes and in a few minutes Joey said "Hey Isabella look!" I pulled my head up and looked out the window!

    The view was amazing! "See you made it!" "Yeah." I said. We both pulled out our laptops and went on the internet. I went on YouTube and watched some more videos. If you haven't figured it out by now. I love YouTube. I saw that Luke was having a Live Stream so I clicked on it. It came up and him and Kassie were in his bedroom. Aww. I tapped Joey and said "Hey go on YouTube! Luke's doing a live stream right now." "Ok." I looked back and most of the comments were *Prank Call Joey Graceffa.* Luke then said "Hey guys! Joey and Isabella are on there way to her parents house now. There on a plane and probably won't be seeing this so I'll prank call him for you!" Joey looked at me and I smiled. Joey's phone started ringing and Luke said "Hey Joey what's up?" "Nothing much! You?" "Oh just hanging out with Kassie. Now I don't know how to tell you this but I got her pregnant." Joey looked at me and I started laughing. He put a finger up to his month telling me to be quiet. "Oh really?" Joey said. "Yeah...So can you tell Isabella for me?" "No here you can talk to her."

   Joey handed me the phone and said "Hey Isabella. I got Kassie pregnant. I hope your not made at me." "No not at all." I looked at the screen and Kassie was wearing a grey shirt that had a heart on it. "Hey Luke! Can you tell Kassie something for me!" "Sure what is it?" "Tell her I like her grey shirt on. It looks good on her." Luke looks at Kassie and Kassie looks at Luke with a confused face. "How did you know she was wearing that?" "I'm watching your live Stream right now." They started laughing and I said "Here's Joey." I handed it back to him and they finished there conversation. I watched movies until we landed in Nevada. My mom was picking us up and taking us to our hotel. We got off the plane and got our bags and met my mom at the front entrance. I saw my mom and ran over to her and hugged her! "Hi sweetheart! How are you?" "Good. Mom this is Joey! Joey this is my mom." They shaked hands and she said "Ok ready to go?" "Yep!" We got in the car and we headed off. We got to our hotel and we got out. "Ok well I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow?" "Yep!"  "Joey it was nice meeting you!" "You too!" Joey said.

   We walked into the hotel and checked in. We went up to our room and Joey hopped into the bed. "Your mom seems nice." "Thank's. But my dad will be a little different." "Oh it can't be that bad." "I don't know." I said. "Well I'm tired. I'm going to bed." "Me too." We hopped in bed and went under the covers. I was so tired. I didn't feel like putting on my Pj's. I hope tomorrow goes well for Joey and me. I hope my dad isn't to mean...


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