Loving the Unloved *Scattered Glass Series*

*NOTE* Please read the first book! *Once in a LifeTime* (Scattered Glass Series)
Me and Isabella are now happily together! Everything was fine until we meet her parents! That's when everything went wrong! They didn't like me! They were mean and we also meet her best guy friend Josh. There's one thing I didn't know about him! He had a crush on her too! He better not try to get her back! She's mine now! And I'm very protected of the people I love. We are also going on vacation to the most romantic place in the world for her birthday! She doesn't know where we're going. She will find out the very last minute!


18. "No Welcomed!"

Isabella's POV

      I woke up to pouring down rain. Great. Doesn't look like it's going to be a sunny day. I opened my computer to go on twitter like I did every morning. I looked at my messages and I couldn't believe it. People were saying "Do you have a new boyfriend? Who's this guy? Did you get over Joey this quick? Wow! Your a *cough* slut." What are people talking about? I then say pictures of me and my friend Zack at the water park with question marks next to them. Why do people always go straight to a conclusion? I then tweeted "Guys! He's not my boyfriend! He's just a good friend of mine's! No I'm not over Joey. I don't know. I just don't know." Then Kassie messaged on that and said "Aww girl! I miss you! I wish you and Joey would get back together! You were so cute together!" Other people like "Cat, Sawyer, Luke, Ingrid, Shane all commented about the same thing. I wrote and said "Aww Thanks Guys! I miss you too!" I went on Joey's and I saw that he hasn't updated in like a week.

     That's not like him at all. Then my cell phone rang. I answered it and said "Hello?" "How could you?" "Who is this?" "It's Joey." Why was he calling? "Joey what do you want? I said to never contact me again. " "Yeah I wanted to call and to tell you congratulations! You already found a new boyfriend!" "Joey he's not my boyfriend! He's a guy friend! If you went on your twitter you would have known that!" I said. "Oh sorry. Isabella! Please come back to me! I miss you so much!" "Joey I'm not! You cheated on me!" "I know I did! And it was a mistake! I didn't mean to! I missed you so much I couldn't handle it!" "That doesn't give you the right to cheat on me." "I know and I'm sorry." Joey said. "Well Joey. Sorry doesn't cut it. So I'm going now." I hang up and sat on my bed. I took a deep breath and then got up. My room mate Katie walked in. Me and her haven't really talk at all since the Ashley thing! But that's going to change!  

     "Hey Katie!" She turned around to me and said "Hi." "Why don't you ever talk to me? You were so happy and talk to me on the first day!" "I can't tell you why." "Just tell me." "Well Ashley thinks your all drama and trouble. And she doesn't want her friends around that stuff." I can't believe she just said that. "Katie! Ashley doesn't control you! You can talk to however you want." "Not really." "Why not?" I asked. "Well Ashley's parents payed for college and my parents said to do whatever Ashley said because her parents did something very nice to me." "Katie that still doesn't give her the right to control you. I'm going to help you out!" "What you mean?" Katie said. "I'm going to help you get away on Ashley! She's a control freak!" "No I'm fine." "No your not Katie! One day I'm going to help you stand up to Ashley!" "No I don't need your help!" Katie said. "Yes you do!" I said. Katie turned around with a red face and said "NO ISABELLA! I DON'T NEED HELP! JUST STAY OUT OF IT!" She walked out of the room and I starred into blank space.

      Why would she do something like that to me? I was just trying to help. I guess I'll go see Zack! I walked out and walked over to the photo building's. I walked in and up to the top floor! I walked into the room where he was at and said 'Hey Zack!" "Hey Isabella!" "What you doing?" "Just working on some kind of stuff." Zack said. "What kind of stuff?" I asked. "Nothing!" "Oh let me see!" I said. "No." "Oh come on!" "No Isabella! Geez just leave! I'm busy!" I felt a tear and started walking out of the room. On the way out I said "Guess I'm not Welcomed anywhere." "Wait Isabella!" Zack said. I turned around and he came over to me and put his hands on my shoulder's. "I'm sorry Isabella! I'm just stressed ok?" "It's ok I guess." I said. "No it's not! Let me make it up to you!" "How?" I asked. "With this." Zack said. He put his arm around my neck and pulled me in with a soft and sweet kiss. It was so quick I didn't expect. I pulled away and he said "Isabella. I like you. Since the first day I've meet you! Will you please be my girlfriend?" 


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