Back For You (Harry Styles)

{BOOK 1- COMPLETE} Meet Amabel Walker, the girl who kept everyone else out, who put up walls to protect herself from another accident, like the one that caused her hideous scar on her neck. She’s bitter and doesn’t let anyone in, but that soon changes.

Now, meet Harry Styles. Worldwide boy band hottie. Slighly cocky, but charming and sweet when he needs to be. He’s caring, and wants to help Amabel get back to being her normal, carefree, silly and loving self. Can he get under her skin and make her come out of her dark shell?



8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

All throughout the movie, Harry stole glances at me that I couldn’t ignore. I constantly chewed on my lip, fighting a smile that played on my lips. I could tell Harry noticed by the way he smirked and sighed. He knew he made me so damn nervous.

The more time I spent with him, the more attached I became to him. I didn’t think I could do that, given the fact that I wanted to puke when Liam had mentioned his name when we had first met.

I was unable to focus on the movie; I was so aware of Harry sitting next to me. I wondered if he was used to this reaction from girls. He was a mega pop star and had so many girls (and boys) drooling over him. This had to be normal, girls getting twitchy around him. Even I was. That was new.


“Bye guys!” I said cheerfully. I gave them a hug before I left.

“Bye!” The boys chorused and waved.

“Thanks for inviting me here, Liam.” I said to the brunette boy, who smiled at me. 

“It was no problem, Amabel, it was great to meet you.” He pulled me into another hug.

“You, too,” I smiled, and then turned my attention to Harry, and my stomach did a flip-flop when I saw him standing there. “Thanks, Harry.”I muttered and looked at my feet.

“Thanks for coming, babe,” He smirked.

My eyes widened when he called me that. I felt my cheeks flush. Why did I feel this way? I was never treated this way, with such force. I dismissed the warm feeling spreading throughout my chest. I wasn’t expecting it when Harry pulled me into another hug. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist and I could hear him breathing in deeply. He was so persistent, and it surprised me, but I loved it nonetheless.

I knew I couldn’t fool myself forever. Harry sent a rush through my body, something that was almost native to me after all the years of shutting people out. I wasn’t used to people touching me freely like Harry did, but I felt comforted, in a way, when he did.

  “Bye,” I said shyly, and waved to the other four boys before closing the door behind me.

 I sat in my car for a while, thinking.

What where my feelings for the curly-haired boy?

He made me insecure, which was certain. An electric shock rippled through my body when he touched me, and I liked it. I wasn’t supposed to, I told myself not to feel the things I was, but it was no use. No one had made me feel like this before, and I wanted to know where it would lead with Harry.

But where did I want it to go? I had no idea whatsoever. It was too soon to tell much. I really hoped I figured it out soon; all this thinking was making my brain ache. There wasn’t much more I could handle at this point.

No one made me think this much. I was never so interested in someone like Harry before. Normally, I would stay away from his type, but he was different, I knew.

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