the lies (feturing one direction)

Desi and her twin Emma are living two different lives. (well of course they are two diff. people) Desi was living it up in California. Emma was put into many different foster homes. when they meet when Emma is relocated form her foster home in Kentucky to a foster home in California. they agree to find out why their real mother split them apart, and find out if she is still alive.


4. Chapter 2

(Emma's P.O.V)

I went to the consert for my favorite band none other than One Direction. I felt like somebody was staring at me. I looked around. I saw a girl who looks just like me. same long black hair, same green eyes, it looked like we were even wearing the same shirt that says I <3 Zayn Malik on it. she was wearing black skinnys I was wearing loose blue jeans. I tried to convince myself I was seeing things. when I came home to my new foster home . I walked up the gray path to the small 2 bedroom house. I wish the grass wasn't dead cause if it wasn't i would lay in it and stargaze. i unlocked the door and walked in to a WASTED Cassidy (my new foster mom) "why the hellllllllllllllll are youuuuuuuuuuuuu lattttte?" she slurred. "i was at the consert." i stated before walking to my small room. I called my friend Jonah. AKA my boyfriend. he didn't answer. so i just simply went to bed.




hello my lovelies. i want you to know you can be in my stories!!!! tell me your name, age, and description of you. please i need characters! i cant keep using April, Lacey, Abby, Jacob, Jonah, etc. so feel free to tell me bout yourself so i can put you in my stories. i would be forever grateful if you also give me some ides :) i will give you full credit for any ideas of yours that i use. ok bye for now lovelies


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