Nothing is What it Seems (Book 1)

What if Stiles had a cousin? What if she knew about werewolves? Zaira Trinity was just your average girl except she knew about the supernatural. Read as she goes through life and in the end decides whether or not she wants to follow in her family's footsteps or if she will stand up and fight for the people she loves.
I don't own Teen Wolf, just Zaira, Alexa, Callie, and any other OC that might show up.


4. Pack Mentality

Alexa, Callie, and I walked into school the following Monday and noticed that Scott and Stiles were in an intense conversation.

“I wonder what they’re talking about.” Callie stated as I opened my locker.

“Probably about Allison or you know what.” I replied as I lowered my voice toward the end.

After I closed my locker, we turned around and headed after Scott and Stiles. All of us headed out the door and stopped dead in our tracks and saw the police inspecting a school bus that was used in some type of attack.

We headed back into the school and Scott kept trying to call Allison.

“She’s fine, Scott.” I told him as he franticly looked for Allison.

Scott leaned up against someone’s locker and tried to calm himself down. When that didn’t happen, he punched the locker and looked at it with confusion.

Scott backed up away from the locker and walked around the corner, when he bumped into Allison.

While Scott talked to Allison, everyone, but me, went on to class. I decided to be a good friend and wait on him, and when Scott and Allison were done talking, we headed to class, but not before noticing that the locker that Scott punched belonged to Jackson.

We turned our heads to keep from laughing and headed off to chemistry, the only class that I actually like.

As I was taking notes, I glanced over and saw that Scott and Stiles were talking. I knew they would get into trouble because Mr. Harris just didn’t seem to like Stiles for some reason.

My thoughts were confirmed when Mr. Harris made Scott and Stiles move away from each other.

I went back to writing my notes when a girl in our class said, “Hey, I think they found something.”

The whole class got up and went to the window to see that the police found a body on the bus and that the person was alive, thank god.

After class, Scott, Stiles, and I headed to lunch and I just listened as they talked about what Scott may have done and probably going to Derek for help.

While Scott and Stiles were finishing their conversation, Lydia, Allison, Jackson, Danny, and some other people came and sat down at our table.

I just sat back and listened to their conversations while trying to figure out what the hell was going on and who was attacking people. I knew for a fact that it wasn’t Derek, but then again, I probably didn’t know him like I use to.

After school Callie, Alexa, and I met up and headed out the doors. We overheard Stiles mentioning something about not being attractive to gay guys, and we had to bite our tongues to keep ourselves from laughing.

“He worries me sometimes.” I said as we stood by our cars.

“Same here.” Alexa replied and Callie nodded her head in agreement, but I think I saw a blush come across her face, and if I did, then I’m totally going to hook them up, just saying.

We left school and I filled Alexa in on what I overheard from Scott and Stiles.

We both agreed that Scott didn’t do anything, but we also knew that we didn’t know who did either.

“Do you think that there is another wolf out there?” Alexa asked as I pulled into the driveway.

“There has to be.” I replied as we headed inside.

“Do you think it’s another beta or could it be an alpha?” Alexa asked as we sat down in the living room.

“I don’t know Alexa. I really don’t know, but as long as it’s not Scott or Derek, then I’m good.” I replied as I threw myself on the couch.

We talked for a while longer till Stiles texted me and told me that he and Scott were going back to the bus.

“Looks like Scott actually went to Derek for help.” I told Alexa as I replied back to Stiles.

“Good. Scott needs all the help he can get if he’s going to try to control the shift and date an Argent.” Alexa replied as she looked at me.

“I agree with you 100%, but please try to act nice to her. She’s not that bad, and I don’t think she’s going to end up like Kate.” I said as I gave her a look.

“Ok. Ok. I’ll try to give her a chance, but the first time she screws up, I’m going to kick her ass.” Alexa said back.

“Fine, but only if she screws up.” I said as I decided to go take a shower.

“Getting cleaned up for someone?” Alexa asked as she followed me upstairs.

I didn’t give her an answer, but instead, shut the door in her face. Alexa started to laugh, but headed back downstairs.

After I showered, I got dressed in a tank top, jeans, and slipped on my sneakers, and headed out for a quick jog.

“I thought you run, and then you shower.” Alexa said as I passed her.

“I’m not like most people, remember, so I do things different.” I replied as I headed out the door.

I jogged through the woods and came to a stop when Derek’s car came out of the blue.

“What the hell are you doing out here?” Derek asked as he got out of his car.

“I used to jog through here all the time, or did you forget?” I replied as I gave him a look.

“It’s not safe for you to be out here alone.” Derek said as he completely ignored the look I was giving him.

“Oh, really? What’s gonna get me? A mountain lion? Or another werewolf?” I asked as I gave him a stupid look.

“Are you really that stupid?” Derek growled as he stepped closer to me.

“I’m not the same girl you knew when we were kids, Derek. I could kill you right now and no one would care, but I haven’t and you know why?” I replied as I took a step closer to him. I was tired of getting pushed around by everyone, and I knew that he wouldn’t hurt me even if he really wanted to.

Derek just stayed quiet, and I guess waited for me to continue.

“You know what; you’re still the same person. Goodbye Derek.” I said as I turned to walk away, only to have Derek grab my wrist.

“Look, I’m sorry ok. I’m not used to this type of stuff.” Derek stated as I turned to look at him.

“I understand Derek, but you have got to trust me, ok? I’m not her, and I won’t betray you.” I replied as Derek let go of my wrist.

Derek just nodded his head and I decided to hang with him for a while.

Derek went to fill his car up and while we were waiting, 2 Tahoe’s pulled up and blocked us in. In one Tahoe was Chris Argent, and in the other Tahoe were 2 other hunters that I didn’t know.

I glanced out the window to Derek and hoped he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

“Nice ride. Black cars, though. Very hard to keep clean. I would definitely suggest a little more maintenance.” Chris said as he walked up to Derek’s car, rubbed something off, I think, and went to get the windshield cleaner brush.

Derek just stood there and looked at Chris, while I sat in the car and looked between them.

“If you have something this nice, you want to take care of it, right?” Chris said as he started to clean the windshield.

“Personally I’m very protective of the things I love. But that’s something I’ve learned from my family. And you don’t have much of that these days. Do you?” Chris asked as he stopped cleaning the windshield and looked at Derek.

Derek just popped his knuckles in reply, but kept his cool, which made me really proud of him since I knew for a fact that Chris was baiting him.

“There we go. You can actually look through your windshield now. See how that makes everything so much clearer.” Chris said as he put the brush away, looked at the windshield, looked back at Derek, and turned to walk away.

“You forgot to check the oil.” Derek said as I slapped my forehead.

“Is he trying to get us killed?” I asked myself as I prayed that no one would do anything stupid in public.

Chris turned around, looked at the other 2 hunters, and replied, “Check the man’s oil.”

 One of the hunters walked to the driver’s side and smashed the window in while saying “Looks good to me.”

I covered myself with my arms so I wouldn’t get cut with glass, but I swore under my breath that I would get those 2 sometime.

I looked back up at Chris just in time to hear him say “Drive safely.” before he walked back to his Tahoe and left with the others following him.

After they were gone, I got out of the car and shook off whatever glass landed on me.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.” I said as I got back in the car.

Derek just looked at me through the window, walked around to the driver’s side, dusted off the glass, and drove us to the hospital that Scott’s mom works at.

I stayed in the car because I didn’t really want to go in unless I was seeing Mrs. McCall. Derek didn’t mind much because he got out and headed inside without a single word.

Before I knew it, Derek got back in the car and drove us to his house. He wanted to take me home, but I wasn’t going home without a fight, and he lost.

“Why do you insist on staying here, if you know you done it?” I asked as we walked inside.

Derek didn’t answer, but headed upstairs.

“Still the same old Derek. Don’t want to let anyone in.” I said knowing full well that he heard me.

I sat there for a few more minutes before I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out of my back pocket, looked at the screen, and saw that Alexa was calling me.

“Is everything ok?” I asked as I answered.

“Yeah, but Stiles just called and said that the bus driver that was attacked just died.” Alexa replied.

I just sat there for a second before saying, “I’m on my way home.”

We hung up and I headed for the door, but stopped when I heard the stairs creek.

“You going to take me home or am I walking?” I asked as I turned to look up the stairs.

Derek didn’t reply, but came down the stairs, grabbed me, and dragged me upstairs.

“What the...” I started to ask, but Derek cut me off by covering my mouth with his hand. I tried to figure out what was going on, but that ended when I heard the front door open.

“Derek! I know you’re here! I know what you did!” Scott yelled as he looked around the house.

“I didn’t do anything.” Derek replied as he slowly let me go, and I knew to stay quite because he gave me a look, and I wasn’t intending on him killing me.

“You killed him.” Scott said as he slowly made his way upstairs.

“He died.” Derek said back as I gave him a look saying ‘What the hell is going on?’

“Like your sister died?” Scott replied as he continued to come upstairs, and I knew that was a low blow because I could see Derek getting pissed off.

“My sister was missing. I came here looking for her.” Derek said while trying to keep himself calm.

“You found her.” Scott replied as he got closer to the top of the stairs.

“I found her in pieces, being used as bait to catch me.” Derek said as I gave him another look, which he ignored, again.

“I think you killed them both. I’m gonna to tell everyone, starting with the sheriff. ” Scott said as he got to the top of the staircase only to be thrown down it by Derek.

I heard a growl, and then watched as Derek jumped down from the top of the staircase straight to the floor.

 I moved just a little to see what was going on, and watched as Scott threw Derek through a wall of his house.

I covered my mouth to keep myself from yelling because I knew that it wouldn’t end so well. People would think that I shouldn’t be hiding, but I’m not like most people and I’m not stupid either. I knew that Derek was ok because I heard him growl, which meant that he had shifted.

I watched as Scott entered the room that he threw Derek in, and I slowly made my way down the staircase. I knew that I could possible get hurt or worse, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see this fight and I knew that no matter what, Derek wouldn’t let anyone hurt me.

I finally got to the room, which used to be the living room, and watched in amazement as the 2 boys fought. I couldn’t believe that they were actually fighting, but I figured that it would happen sooner or later, so why not now.

I watched as Derek clawed Scott across the chest, which in turn, made him turn back to normal, while he was crawling to the couch.

I slowly made my way into the room, picking up Derek’s jacket, and putting it on because I was starting to get cold. I watched as Derek popped his neck and turned back to normal as well.

“I didn’t kill him. Neither of us did. It’s not your fault, and it’s not mine.” Derek said as Scott got up and gave him a glare.

“This? This is all your fault! You ruined my life!” Scott yelled as he got in Derek’s face.

I just stood back and let them yell at each other because I knew that in the end, Derek would win.

“No, I didn’t.” Derek replied as he walked around Scott.

“You’re the one who bit me!” Scott said back.

“No I’m not.” Derek replied as Scott got this confused look on his face.

“What!” Scott yelled.

“I’m not the one that bit you.” Derek replied as Scott started to remember something.

I walked closer to the 2 until I was standing next to Derek.

Scott touched the claw marks on his chest and started remembering what happened to the bus driver.

“There’s another.” Scott said as he dropped down on the couch.

“It’s called an Alpha. It’s the most dangerous of our kind. You and I, we’re Betas. This thing is more powerful, more animal than either of us. My sister came here looking for him. Now I’m trying to find him. But I don’t think I can do it without you.” Derek stated as Scott just tried to figure out what was going on.

“Why me?” Scott asked as he raised his head to look at Derek.

“Because he’s the one that bit you. You’re part of his pack. It’s you, Scott. You’re the one he wants.” Derek answered as Scott looked at him, and then looked over to me.

“Did you know about this?” Scott asked.

“No. Alexa and I weren’t for sure, but Derek just confirmed it.” I replied as I looked between the boys.

After everything calmed down, Scott finally went home, and Derek drove me home. The whole ride was quiet till I got ready to get out of the car.

“Be careful Derek. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.” I told him as I stood outside the door.

Derek looked at me with a confused look on his face.

I didn’t reply, but walked around the car to the driver side window, tapped it, waited till he rolled it down, leaned in, and kissed his cheek.

“I still care about you and I always will.” I said as I walked toward my house. I unlocked the door and watched as Derek pulled out.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself and wonder if I should try to get involved with him again, or if I should just leave it alone. This was going to be a long, sleepless night.


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