Nothing is What it Seems (Book 1)

What if Stiles had a cousin? What if she knew about werewolves? Zaira Trinity was just your average girl except she knew about the supernatural. Read as she goes through life and in the end decides whether or not she wants to follow in her family's footsteps or if she will stand up and fight for the people she loves.
I don't own Teen Wolf, just Zaira, Alexa, Callie, and any other OC that might show up.


9. Night School

I was brought back to reality when Scott softly lifted me off the floor, and guided me between him and Stiles so we could head down the halls of the school.

We ran into a room and I blocked out anything that the guys were saying because they kept mentioning Derek.

I still couldn’t believe what just happened, but I knew that I had to stay strong and that Alexa was watching over me along with Laura.

I walked over to the window and watched as Scott tried to open it. All of a sudden I was pulled to the ground as the alpha threw Stiles’ jeep battery through the window. I whimpered and curled up against Stiles.

“Everything’s going to be ok, Zia.” Stiles whispered to me as I clung to him.

I just shook my head and held onto him for dear life.

Stiles and Scott talked, but I just zoned out except for when Stiles lifted me off the floor and we ran to the locker room.

I couldn’t keep my mind straight and I didn’t think that I would be able to until I saw that Derek was alive. I know, I probably sound pathetic and needy, but I just got Derek back and I wasn’t going to lose him again.

I couldn’t believe that I was in the boy’s locker room, but I pushed that into the back of my mind because I remembered that we were being hunted by the crazy Alpha that wants Scott to join his pack.

All of a sudden, I was pulled into a locker with Stiles and he covered my mouth so we wouldn’t get caught, but that didn’t last because the janitor opened the locker that Scott was in, and Stiles and I popped out of ours.

The guys argued with the janitor till he pushed us out the door. The janitor was pulled back into the locker room by the Alpha.

We ran away just as the Alpha threw the janitor through the door. We ran all the way to the end of the hallway to the double doors, when the boys slammed into it trying to open it, but Scott noticed that there was a dumpster in front it.

I cursed under my breath and tried not to scream, when we saw the Alpha looking at us from the roof. We ran till we trapped the Alpha in a room.

I pretty much zoned out for most of the time we were running, and I only came out of my thoughts when Scott, Stiles, Allison, Jackson, Lydia, and I were trapped in the chemistry classroom.

I heard Scott blame Derek for everything and I almost lost my temper, but Stiles gave me a look to keep quiet.

“Scott’s so lucky that Stiles is here, or I would’ve killed him.” I mumbled to myself even though I knew that Scott heard every word.

I kept to myself most of the time that I was in the classroom, and the only thing that crossed my mind was Derek. I miss him so much and I can’t believe that Scott blamed him for ever thing. Derek risked his life for Scott and this is how Scott re-paid him by throwing him under the bus.

“You ok Zia?” Stiles asked as he walked over to me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied as I looked at him and noticed that Scott was gone.

“Where’s Scott?” I asked.

“He went to get the keys off the janitor.” Stiles replied as we looked over at Allison, who was crying, while Jackson was trying to comfort her.

I couldn’t believe what he was doing to Lydia. She loves him and he doesn’t seem to care. If I actually cared about her like I do Callie, then I would kill him, but maybe she’ll learn not to stay with the jerk.

After a few minutes, Allison went to the door and started screaming, “Scott! Scott!”

I prayed that he didn’t come through that door ready to kill us and I was thankful when he didn’t, but I felt bad for Allison because she didn’t know what was going on.

“Stop! Stop! Listen. Do you hear that?” Lydia said as we all got quiet and listened to the police sirens that were heading our way.

I was thankful that we were finally getting to go home, and I couldn’t wait to be safe in my own home.

 Sheriff Stilinsky walked Scott, Stiles, and I out of the school and was questioning the boys to make sure that he heard them right when they told him that Derek Hale was the one that attacked us. I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t want to argue with anyone at the moment.

I texted Callie to come get me and went to stand by the curb.

“You sure you’re ok Zia?” Stiles asked as he walked over to me.

“No Stiles, I’m not ok. I can’t believe you guys are blaming Derek for this.” I replied as I turned to look at him.

Callie pulled up before Stiles could answer, and I got in the car and left.

Callie didn’t ask any questions except if I was hurt, and I was glad that she wasn’t there because I don’t know what I would’ve done if she would’ve gotten hurt or killed.

Callie dropped me off and told me that she would call me in the morning to check on me, and I thanked her and told her that I loved her. She said the same back and drove off.

I walked into my house, locked all doors, went to my room, and took a shower.

When I walked out of my bathroom, I noticed a figure standing in my room. I looked at the figure for a moment before I ran and jumped in the figure’s arms.

“Thank God you’re alive.” I said as I hugged Derek tight.

Derek didn’t say anything, but he didn’t have to because he was alive and that’s all that mattered to me.

Derek put me down and checked me over to make sure I wasn’t hurt.

“The Alpha didn’t come near me, but I was more concerned about you.” I told him as I got into my bed.

“After you guys ran into the school, my body slowly started to heal. I hoped that you were with Scott and not out there with me, but I kept an ear on you just to be sure.” Derek explained to me, and I couldn’t believe that he just admitted that he was listening in on us.

Everybody thinks that Derek is a bad guy, but they don’t know him like I do. I grew up with him, so I know what makes him tick and what buttons to push. I’m rambling like I always do, but I can’t help it this time.

I gave Derek a look and pulled him down on my bed.

I was about to say something, when my phone rung.

“Hello.” I answered.

“Hello Zaira. Remember me?” the voice on the other line asked.

I froze and looked at Derek.

“I’ll take your quietness as a yes. I just thought I would let you know that I’m back in town, and I plan on taking what’s mine.” the voice said before they hung up.

I hung up my phone, put it on my night stand, and hugged my knees to my chest.

“Who the hell was that?” Derek asked as he sat next to me.

“His name is Ryder. I met him when I moved away after the fire. He was really sweet in the beginning, but after a while he became too controlling. I left him before I moved back here and I was hoping he wouldn’t find me, but I guess I was wrong.” I replied as I buried my head in my knees.

“Ryder. Where have I heard that name before?” Derek asked out loud.

“Because he’s Kate’s nephew, just like Allison. His full name is Ryder Argent.” I said as I looked up at him.

“Great, another Argent is just what we need.” Derek growled.

I reached over and grabbed his hand, while saying, “Please don’t do anything. I need you.”

Derek just looked at me before lying next to me and pulling me into his arms.

“I won’t let him hurt you. I’m not losing you again.” Derek said as he tightened his grip on me.

“I know and the same thing goes for you about Kate. I’ll kill her before I let her take you away from me again.” I said back before we fell asleep.

That night I slept just fine because I was in Derek’s arms. I’m really happy that he’s alive, but bummed that I can’t see him till late at night. Now, I just have to warn Callie about the other hunter or hunters that are in town, so she can be ready for them if they attack, and I bet that they had something to do with Alexa’s murder. I’ll look into that tomorrow, but for right now; I’m going to sleep in my man’s arms. I hope Scott is ready because when I see him, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.

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