Me and My Girl (On Hold)

Hi, I'm Chelsea Tomlinson. yes you heard me right Tomlinson. My brother is the famous Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Well I have lost contact with him completely because if that one night that changed mine and my daughter's life.


3. Niall has a daughter?!


Louis' P.O.V
I walked into Starbucks and placed my order and waited for my name to be called. 'Tomlinson.' The woman yelled. I went up to get my order but that's when I saw her. Chelsea. I had no idea why she lost contact with me but I was determined to find out. Ok, maybe I did know why she lost contact with me but I wanted her to prove it. I think she saw me because she went to rush out the door but I stopped her. 'Chelsea?' I asked a bit shocked. 'Um, Hi.' She said awkwardly. 'Is it really you?' I asked. 'No, its the queen of England.' She replied bluntly. A huge grin went across my face because right then I knew it was her. 'Why did you leave?' I asked. I know why she left. Just as she was about to say something a little girl interupted her. 'Mommy can we go to the park?' She asked. I was shocked. 'Mommy?' I asked. '' She said. 'Did you adopt?' I asked her. 'No' she mumbled. 'Then who's kid is it?' I asked her.'Niall's.' She mumbled then rushed out the door. I was shocked, confused and angry. That's the last person I would've thought she'd say. She looked back and could clearly see everything written on my face. I would find out if was true and the only way to do that would be to confront Niall. I hope and pray that its a lie though.

Chelsea's P.O.V
I hurried me and Ashia home. I sighed when I got home. What have I gotten myself into? I wasn't supposed to tell Louis. Now I'm gonna regret this. I never wanted anyone else to know. Especially Louis and Niall. I don't want to have to deal with them. I just want to live my life with my daughter. Besides Niall has a girlfriend, Hannah I think it is. No I don't stalk them its just everywhere. On the news, everything. So its not like it would make a difference. Just the a knock came from my door. I opened my door and there was Louis. I groaned. I really didn't want to have to deal with this right now. 'Well hi again to you too.' Louis said letting himself into my apartment. 'What do you want Louis?' I asked him. 'Well I want to meet my niece.' He said. Just then Ashia came running into the room. 'Mommy who was at the door?' She asked but then she saw Louis. 'Oh, he was at Starbucks.' She said and walked away. 'You never told her about any of us have you?' He asked clearly sad. 'No I haven't and I wasn't planning on it for a while.' I said. 'You have to tell Niall.' He said. 'No I don't Louis and I won't.' I was almost close to tears. 'Why not?' He asked. 'If you knew why you would kill him.' I mumbled but he heard me. 'Please tell me Chelsea. I'm your brother I deserve to know.' He pleaded. Well here goes nothing. I told him everything, a lot of tears were shed too. By the time I was finished Louis was pissed and I was completely out of tears. ' I'm gonna fucking kill him.' Louis said. 'No, please don't.' I cried. 'Why not?' He asked. 'Because I still love him.' I said even though I didn't mean to.

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