Me and My Girl (On Hold)

Hi, I'm Chelsea Tomlinson. yes you heard me right Tomlinson. My brother is the famous Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Well I have lost contact with him completely because if that one night that changed mine and my daughter's life.


2. I hate Starbucks....... hmm never thought I'd ever say that



 Chelsea's P.O.V
I woke up and went to get Ashia up. I walked into Ashia's room and gently shook her. 'Ashia sweetie its time to get up.' I said. She jumped out of bed. 'Mommy, mommy, mommy can we go to Starbucks pwease?' She begged and gave me the puppy eyes. I gave in. 'Alright fine.' I huffed. We got ready and went to Starbucks. 'Hi, what can I get you?' The woman asked. 'One coffee and a mocha.' I replied. I looked down at Ashia who was jumping around. I groaned, she's gonna have a sugar rush from hell. 'Ok name please.' She said. 'Tomlinson.' I replied. She looked a bit shocked for a second but shook it off. We waited for our name to be called. 'Tomlinson.' The woman shouted. We walked up to get our drinks and then I saw him. I saw Louis Tomlinson.....OMG....not now. We hurried and payed and tried to rush out the door, but with my luck that just didn't happen. I was stopped  by the one and only Louis. He had a look of complete shock on his face. 'Chelsea?' He asked unsure. 'Um, Hi.' I replied awkwardly. 'Is it really you?' He questioned. 'No, I'm the queen of England.' I replied bluntly only causing a huge smile to appear on his face. ' It really is you.' He said. 'Yea it is, but I gotta go.' I said and went to walk out the door but he stopped me again and asked me a question I have been dreading for two years. 'Why did you leave?' I was now on the verge of tears because of that one night. He knows why I left, he just wants me to prove it so the guilt can eat him away. As I was about to say something smart Ashia interupted us. 'Mommy, can we go to the park?' She asked. Louis looked completely taken back. 'Mommy?' He asked. 'Well, um yea.' I said. 'Did you adopt?' He asked. 'No.' I mumbled. 'Then who's kid is it?' he asked. 'Niall's.' I mumbled and rushed out of the door with Ashia only to look back and see his face flash with anger, shock, and confusion. I sighed. What have I gotten myself into?

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