All the right mistakes

Teddy Ayana Cowell, is abandoned by her drug addict mother and a dead father she has no where to go. When the police are searching threw her files they find a name that is shocking. He is the only person to turn to. Will she like him? Or will she hate the one and only Simon Cowell? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

 Teddy's pov
I ran.
I ran down the road, away from my problems.
She was just sick. My mother. She just kicked me out of her apartment because I confronted her of doing drugs. 
She was arrested two months ago for the same thing. Doing drugs. She was released yesterday and here she goes again. 
Now she kicked me out, I have nowhere to go. 
You might ask me, what about my father... He died 3 years ago. He was a cop and he got shot. 
I missed him dearly. 
It only took me a moment to realize that my eyes were watering. I wiped my eyes and focus on reality not the past.
I thought of people to turn to. I actually had no one. 
My best friend Alisha moved to her home town, in Australia. 
I miss her too.
I walked in peace listening to the birds sing and the wind whistle.
I decided I would go into town and buy some lunch, to get my mind off my mother. She was nothing to me anymore.
I kept walking about 4 miles and finally reached town.
I walked down the sidewalk watching my feet instead of what's in front of me. 
I walked into McDonalds, to see it wasn't very busy, for a McDonalds.
I slowly walked to the line and tried to find what I wanted. The hard thing is I wasn't a meat eater. 
I decided on a cheeseburger, but I would have to take the meat off, and a small fry.
"Hello, how may I take your order."Asked a guy,  whose name tag said Samuel.
"Um I would like a cheeseburger with a small fry." I said. 
"Anything to drink?" He asked.
"Umm yea, a large tea." I said out of realization. 
He nodded his head and gave me the cost of my lunch. I paid and grabbed my cup. By time I filled my drink up it was time to get my food. 
I sat down in the corner, at little two seater  table.
I slowly started munching at my fries and opening my burger wrapper. 
I pulled my meat off and set it aside. I ate my bread, technically, in silence as the place got busy.
I finally finished and got up and threw my trash away. 
I walked outside and tried to figured out were I should go. It was already dark and spooky. 
I decided to just walk until there is nothing left to walk. 
I woke up in the grass and someone was tapping on me. I looked up to see a police. Not my mother again.
"Ma'am, I need you to sit up." He said.
"Yes sir, what happens to be the problem?" I asked politely.
"Do you have any place to stay, any where you can go to?" He asked concerned.
I started to say something but I shook my head.
He nodded and pulled me up from the ground. He took me to his car and opened the passenger seat and gestured for me to get in. 
He was a cop he couldn't hurt me. Could he? No, I knew like every cop, except him, because of my father and all.   But he seemed really nice.
The car ride was quiet except he did ask me a few questions like how old are am I and what's my name. I answered quietly, but did not give eye contact.
We finally reached the police station and I followed him silently into the police station.
We walked into like a file thingy room.
"What's your name again?" He asked looking back at me.
"Teddy Ayana Cowell." I said. 
He turned around and snickered.
"Are you any what related to Simon Cowell?" He asked chuckling to his self.
"Not that I know of, I really don't know much about my family or were they are at." I replied.
He looked back at the files and pulled one out. He walked out the door and I guessed I was suppose to follow him.
We walked to what I think is office and he told me to take a seat.
He looked threw the file and back up at me. 
"What about living with your mother?" 
"Drug addict." I replied.
I turned around to keep the tears from falling to actually see, his office.
I turned back around and shook my head.
"Dead." I replied sternly.
"I'm sorry." He said.
I shook my head and he looked back at the list. 
"She also died." 
"Un- Oh my gosh your uncle is Simon Cowell!" He said.
"Wait what?!" I asked jumping up from my seat to look at the file. 
Sure enough there was his name on my contact if emergency list.
I didn't want to go with him so I looked down the list... No one else had the information we needed for me to go with them.
So it was either going back to my mother or going with some rich celebrity.
While I was thinking of with to do, I heard a very familiar voice and stuck my head out of the office door to find that person who I desired nothing to not go back to her.  My mother.
I quietly shut the door not wanting to deal with her and sat down. I nodded my in agreement, although I didn't know what I was getting myself into. 

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