No Time for Death

18 year old Kate was in deep depression she thought life couldn't get better until... she met Harry Styles. When she tries to run off with him her abusive father gets in the way. Can she escape her abusive father? Can Harry and her work out the problems?


1. Home

I was sitting on my bed when I heard my dad slam the door. I knew what was about to happen. He barged into my room with his belt in his hands. He took a whip at my face, I whimpered in pain, then screamed "stop please just stop" "Thats it you worthless skank come with me" he grabbed me by my hair and forced my down on his bed. His pants were coming off his underwear was next. He ripped off my shirt not caring, he was clearly drunk. I had a flashback from when I was young my father and I had a perfect relationship. As soon as my mother died he became a horrid monster. I once had a sister she died from my dad beating her one day. As I snapped back into reality i felt tears running down my cheeks. He let me go and i ran out of the room after he had finished his "business" with me. i got a duffle bag and packed everything i would need if I decided to run. i hid the bag under my bed. As i was looking around my room to look for anything i might have forgotten, as my eyes were scanning the room my eyes stopped at a picture of me and my mom. i held it close to my chest. My mind remembering all the great memories me and my mother have shared. My train of thought was stopped when i heard a load bang on my door. i put down the photo and open the door. Unfortunately it was my father. he had his other alcoholic friends over. I'm screwed. Last time they came over it was horrible. They were so drunk they couldn't walk but when they I passed by then they forced me on their laps and... I am so sick of being here. Why me why i never did anything wrong yet i still get all this bad shit happening to me. I run to my bathroom and grab my razor. I press it down to my wrist and slide it across my wrist. As I feel the blood trickling out of my new wound i relax. I turn on the faucet and put my wrist under some cold water. I walk back in my room. I hear a car engine start and look out the window to see no cars not even my dads. I grab the duffle bag and the picture and run out the front door I'm free at last.

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