Dreams can come true

Harley is an eighteen year old girl that lives in london, England. She works minimum wage at her aunt's coffee shop singing covers , playing her guitar, and entertaining customers. But her simple daily routine changes when one direction are in town. she meets those five lads she absolutely loves and becomes something she always dreamed of becoming...


7. meeting the boys

(A/N) Wey-hey! this will be longer than most of my chapters. This chapter will be kind of funny. ;D I'm going to try not to use speaker tags.( ex. he said, she said.) If you don't like it just let me know in the comments. enjoy! xx


Liam showed me to his- well, "our" room. It was big, but not too big.

It was fairly tidy for a man, if I had to say so myself. Like I said before "A girl could get used to this.", "Yeah, it's not much, but I'm glad you like it!", Liam said smiling warmly. "Hey, Liam?", "hmm?", Liam turned around from putting my suitcase under his bed and looked at me. "nevermind, let's go in the living room. And tell the boys to come in too.", Liam walked out into the hallway and lazily yelled, "BOYS, HARLEY WANTS US ALL IN THE LIVING ROOM!"  I giggled lightly and said, "I could've did that!" I walked in the living room, my bare feet padding across the floor. I flopped down on the sofa sitting next to Niall. I winked at him (;D) and he winked back. It's kind of like our way of saying "Hey!"

(A/N) Guise, my computer died so the chappie isn't as long as I said. DUN-DUN-DUNNNN CLIFFHANGER!! WHAT DID HARLEY WANT?!

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