Dreams can come true

Harley is an eighteen year old girl that lives in london, England. She works minimum wage at her aunt's coffee shop singing covers , playing her guitar, and entertaining customers. But her simple daily routine changes when one direction are in town. she meets those five lads she absolutely loves and becomes something she always dreamed of becoming...


4. Is this real life?- part one


After i talked things out with aunt tia she agreed on the whole "sixth member , only girl , one direction thing".I had finished packing my bags and all the boys were on their way to come meet me and take me to the house. I was estatic, Liam told me we would have to introduce me on twitter. Honestly, I was pretty scared...iv'e seen how the fans are to the girlfriends...I can only imagine how much they'll hate me. But coming from another directioner...ahem : myself...we are careless mofos...or was it crazy? who cares?!

"HARLEY THEY'RE HERE!", "COMING!".  I lugged my giant suitcase down the stairs...greeting the boys standing in my living room. "Hello!", Harry said. "Howdy!", I greeted back warmly. "Liam told us you're a fan, so you probably know who we are.", Louis said cheekily. i smiled. "Bye aunt tia, i'll see you sometime!", I said while engulfing her in a hug holding back my tears. "Bye honey, i'll miss you so much...i'll make sure to call you later this week.", aunt tia said.

 (A/N) sorry my chappies are so short!! especially this one! my sister had to get on the computer!!

UGGHH!! The reason the chapters are so short are because my laptop is stupid and I just want to get the story started...I hope you understand <3 I probably will not update for about one or two weeks ...once again, my STUPID laptop!! >:c.... I want you guys to staaaaaaaayyyyy!!  PLEASE PLEASE LUMPING THE LUMPITY LUMP LUMP PLEEEAASSEEE!! ~~XxXxX c;


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