The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


12. Chapter Twelve

"Oh my god." I yell as I run downstairs with a gun. "Skylar? What are you doing?" Harry asks. I ran outside to the car. 
I try to load the gun and Harry takes it from me. "Stop!! They're taking Emily!" I scream as I ran over to the car. I beat on the window. "Let her go!" I scream as I see Emily in the back. "Please!!" The guy rolls his window down. "And for exchange?" He says with a smirk. "Get out of the car." I say. 
The tall guy steps out of the car and lurks over me. Harry is behind me with the gun behind him. "Leave them both alone or I'll kill you slowly." Harry threatens the Man. "You need to pay-" "I did fucking pay you dumb shit!" He yelled. "Oh.." "Dumb ass." He says. I walk over to the other side of the car and grab out an unconscious Emily. I turn to see the passenger side. 
"You're in this?!" I yell at him. "You really hurt her?!" I yell. He tells me to lean in and I do. He whispers something to me. "I'm not in this. Trust me babe. But I have this plan. Just stay out of this." "It's hard to when you get beaten to death by this gang." I say.
I didn't expect to see Louis in this situation.. 
I lay beside Emily as she is still unconscious. "Do you think she was drugged?" I ask Harry. "Babe stop asking questions she'll be okay." I sigh and lay there hoping she'd wake up soon. 
"Come down here with me." Harry says. I walk down stairs wit Harry and sit on the sofa. "I love you, you know that?" He says. "I love you too." We then have a make out session. That's at least until we hear a groaning voice. I run upstairs and see Emily. "Thank Jesus you're awake!" I say. "What happened?" She asks. 
"Erm.." I look at Harry. "You were kidnapped. If Skylar hasn't found that car outside you'd be gone. But the thing is... Louis was in the car. And he said he was making a plan? I didn't understand what he meant." 
Emily's eyes widen. "Oh my god.." "Just get some rest, Em." I say and I walk back downstairs.
"Great. Now she knows." I say. "She doesn't know what happened to you though." "I'll have to tell her sometime, Harry!" 
"I know Skylar... Let's just watch a movie. Forget about all of this for now." He says. He puts in a movie and I lay my head on his lap. 
I still can't forget about it. That is my best friend they were taking. And what about that guy? Is he gonna come back and take someone else I love? I'm terrified of this whole mess.
I look up and Harry is asleep. I walk upstairs to the bedroom Emily was in. "Emily?" I ask at the door. "Come in." 
"You okay?" "I'm fine, Sky. I need to thank you. For like, saving me or something." She chuckled while talking. "It's nothing." I said putting my hand out and acting sassy. She laughed. 
"You really think I was going to let them take my best friend?" I say. "Probably not." She said. I laughed. 
"We'll I'm going back downstairs. Love you Em." I say.
"You too girl." 
I shut the door and walk downstairs. 
I look at the sofa and don't see Harry. 
I walk into the kitchen. 
No. I look out the window and see that his car was gone. 
I was only upstairs for like five minutes. Was he fake sleeping or something? And where was he going. I called him. "Harry?" I said as he finally picked up. "What?" "What are you doing?" I say. "I'm taking care of business." He said. I sigh knowing this "business" was the whole gang thing. 
"Please come back." I say.
"I will in a few Skylar. I promise." 
"Where are you going?" I ask. "You don't have to know everything, Sky!" And then, he hangs up. 
Harry is such an idiot sometimes.
I see the door open and Harry busts through. Is he drunk? "Harry?" "What?" He isn't drunk. I look down and see blood on him and I stand up immediately. "What did you do?!" "I see his fists form together into one. His knuckles are bruised. 
He's still quiet. "Did you kill someone?" I say quietly as I joke. "He hurt you. He doesn't hurt who I love." Harry says walking closer. "H-Harry... Stop." 
"I told you I'd protect you... Right? So I did." He says stopping in his tracks. He puts his head down. 
"Tell me yes or no... Did you kill someone?" "No.." 
I sigh in relief. He puts his head up and puts his hands on my back, bringing me closer. "You're the only one I care about." He says. "I'll do anything for you. Only you." His lips press onto mine. He pulled away and grinned. "I love you, Skylar." "I love you too." I say very quiet. 
"Hey guys I'm going home." Emily says unexpectedly. "You sure? You can stay at my place." "It's fine. My parents are gonna be home today anyways." "Okay bye Em." I hug her and she leaves.
I sigh once again. "Is this going to continue?" I ask Harry. "If it does, I'll kill every single one of them. And I'm not joking." He says. I make my way over to the sofa and sit down. 
And suddenly, I don't know why, I fall asleep.
I wake up in a bed. Harry's bed. I look over and see Harrys bare back as he lays on he stomach. I draw shapes onto his back with my finger. I finally stop and put my hand under the pillow. 
I hear Harry groan. "What?" I asked. "You stopped." "Stopped what?" "Moving your finger on my back." I giggled as he didn't like that I quit drawing. "I'm sorry." I say. I stand up and stretch. I look out the window and see Emily in a sun dress with a bikini under.
I raise the window not caring what I have on. 
"Where are you going?" I scream loud enough for her to hear. "The beach with Louis!" She screams back. 
Louis? I told her about the situation with Louis. "Call me if you need anything !" I scream. I shut the window back. 
"What's wrong?" I hear Harry's voice. 
"Nothing it's just Emily is going to the beach with Louis." I say confused. 
"She has your number so she can call. And if she doesn't come back tonight we'll look." Harry says calming me. I sit back down on the bed. 
I look down at the floor. Harry's room wasn't messy but it wasn't clean either. 
There were clothes everywhere. 
Harry pulled my arm down so I was right beside Harry as I lay down. 
"Hello, Beautiful." He says. "Hi.." I say with a smile. He pulls me in closer and our foreheads touch. My brown eyes meet his emerald ones. 
His lips press onto my forehead and I smile. I grab my long, brown hair and pull it behind me. 
"You're so beautiful." He whispers and kisses me. After a bit of kissing, we both pull away. 
"I'm glad I have you, Harry." I say. "I know.." He smiles and hugs me. 
Harry was my life. I didn't need anyone else. Except him. 


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