The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


14. Chapter Fourteen

I walk back downstairs and Harry's attitude has changed. 
"Harry?" I say. "We need to talk Sky." "About what?" "We-" He's interrupted but a knock. "Skylar!" Emily beats. I walk over and open the door.
"Hey.." "Can we talk?" I look back at Harry. His eyes tell me to talk to her. I walk outside to the cold weather. 
Yellow and brown leaves fly around with the strong wind. My whole body shivers from the coldness. 
"So what do you want to talk about?" "Where have you been in the last couple days? I've missed you!" "Me? I shouldn't be able to always come over to you. You're always hanging with Louis." "I know.. He wouldn't let me call anyone. He takes my phone when we hang out and it's all the time. I'm sorry." My breath is released into the cold atmosphere. "It's okay." I slowly reply as I stare the other way. 
"Can we go somewhere?" She questioned me. "I'm with Harry today.." I look down as I respond to her. "Okay well I'll text you later." I walk back inside to the warm house and I pull the ends of my sweater to cover my hands. 
"Emily is back to herself." I object quietly . "That's good." I sit on the opposite couch as Harry. He looks angry for some reason. 
"Come over here." He says as he pats the cushion next to him. "I'm good, thanks." I say as a smile splatters onto my pale face. 
I look back at the Telly. I hear movement on the other side of the big room. I look over and see a tall Harry. He comes over and picks me up. My fists combine with his back as I angrily beg for him to let me go. 
He playfully throws me down and my body smashes into the sofa. 
"What was that for?" I question him as my voice is loud. 
"You wouldn't sit beside me so I made you." He objects. 
"You didn't have to pick me up, Harry." I apply to him. 
I sit up on the sofa as Pretty Little Liars is still on. Harry's head lays on my lap as my fingers run through his curls. 
I look down at him and my lips form a smile. 
He looks up at me. 
"What?" He asks curiously. "Nothing." I say. 
Another knock. Harry jumps up and slowly walks over to the knob and turns it with his hand. He looks at the person.
"I'll be right back Sky." 
Not another business person. Or should I say gang member.
He walked back in a few moments later. 
"Who was that?" I ask as my face looking serious.
"Just someone I know." "Harry. Tell me." 
"No Sky." "Yes!" 
"It's just someone that used to work for his boss and I knew him okay!" He screamed at me.
"Are you serious? I thought you were done with all of that! God Harry, you just can't stay out of it!" I scream and I walk fast to the stairs. I then get slammed against the wall. My teeth crunch together as my voice makes an 's' sound. 
"Listen to me Sky. I'm trying everything. And you just need to stay away." He says.
"I can't Harry because I'm with you." 
He sighs and looks down. "Maybe you should stop seeing me.." He whispers. 
"What? No! I love you Harry.." I say. My arms are still held above my head by Harry's strong hands. 
"I don't want you to get hurt." 
"But I won't.. As long as I'm with you.." I say. 
"Okay.." He responds to me as his hands release my arms. I walk back to the sofa and lay down. 
Harry walks outside and I don't know why. My body too lazy to get up, stays there on the sofa.
I get a call from Harry.
"What are you doing?" I say giggling on the phone. "I have to go for a while. I'll see you later babe." I sigh as the voice disappoints me. "Alright bye." 
I hang up and decide to take a nap.
My head pats the pillow and my eyes close. Everything goes black and I fall asleep.
I wake up to banging on the door. I yawn and raise up. "I'm coming!" I yell with my voice screeching. I lurk over to the door and open it. 
I see a drunk Harry. 
"What did you do?" I ask. "I really... don't know but I do know I love you." I laugh at Harry as he is totally wasted. 
"Come on, you drunkie." I say giggling. I put his arm over my shoulder and I start walking over to the stairs.
And then Harry passes out. 
I accidentally drop him on the stairs and I gasp.
"Oh god." I laugh. I try to pick him up but I fail. 
I acknowledge Harrys muscle and that's probably the reason he's so heavy. I try to drag him upstairs by pulling his arms but no luck.
I fall on the stairs and exhale. "Come on Harry." I say as my body is tiny compared to his. 
I finally get him to his feet and I grab his hands and his feet drag along the stairs. 
I finally get him up to my bedroom and I think of a way to put him on the bed. I sit him up so his back leans against the bed stand. I pull his back up onto the bed, leaving his legs on the floor. 
I pick his legs up and lay them on the bed. I sigh relieved as I got him on the bed. 
I really didn't like Harry coming home drunk.
I hear groaning and I look up and see Harry waking up. 
"Did you have a good sleep, new kid?" I say smirking as the nickname is glued to my head. 
"You know, maybe you shouldn't get drunk and come over so you'll pass out on the stairs and then I have to drag you upstairs and put you on my bed because it's very hard." I say laughing. 
"I'm sorry.. Let's go to my place." "Alright." I grab my phone and walk out the door with Harry. His fingers entwine with mine. 
I walk into his house as he walks upstairs. 
"I'm getting in the shower, babe." "Alright." I lay on his bed with my phone in front of my face. I turn to my side and yawn. 
"You already asleep babe?" Harry asks. I turn around and he smirked. "No I was just tired." I say yawning. 
Harry comes over to the bed and lays down, his back against the wooden stand.
He pulls my body onto his hips, my legs either side of his body. 
I play with his curls and he smiled. 
I hear a phone go off and I see Harry quickly grab his black iPhone. He reads the text. 
"Want to go to a club tonight?" He asks. "I don't know.. Who's going?" I question. 
"Louis and Emily and some of my other friends." "You know Louis?" "Sky babe, I've known Louis forever. I just acted like I didn't." "Why?" "Long story." "I got time." I say.
"I don't. We're going." He commands. "But I didn't say I wanted to go." I quietly object. 
I look down at Harry's stomach. God, why was he so attractive? 
"Too bad. Go get ready. I'll meet you at seven." "Alright bye." I kiss him and climb off of him. 
He grabs my waist before I can fully stand up. 
"Unless you want to do something else." He whispers. "No.." I say. He winked. "That option will always be available." I roll my eyes. 
My bare feet meet the carpet as I combines between my toes. 
"Bye Haz." I say. 
I walk out of his bedroom and down the stairs. I open the door and feel the coldness meet my body. I run down the street to my house. 
I unlock the door and run up to the shower. 
I wrap my towel around my body so it will cover me. My wet hair drips on the floor as I desperately look for something to wear. 
I grab two dresses wondering which one to put on. 
"You should wear the blue one." I hear a voice and I jump as it startled me.
"Harry?" "You should leave your doors locked, love." He says. He eyes me, looking at my body as I only have a towel on and smirks. I roll my eyes and walk to the bathroom. 
I dry my hair and put my makeup on. 
I shut the door and put on the dress. I feel like a slut. I hate it.
I walk out of the bathroom and Harry looks at me. He grins widely and I slip on my flats. "Okay let's go." 
We arrive at the club and I see Louis and Emily running towards us. Harry wraps his fingers with mine. 
I had no idea what was about to happen tonight.
Sorry about the terrible written chapter! I was rushing but thanks for reading you crazy mofos! See what I did there c; 
Love youuuuuu <333


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