forever & always


4. oh

Jenna's P.O.V

I saw Lilly flirting with Liam and thought I wanna go talk to harry he seems nice. “ok you two seem to be having fun so I'm gonna go talk to the rest of the boys” I said to Niall and Alisha “ok bye Jen” they said together I walked to the group and saw Zayn and Louis but no Harry. When i went to round the corner i felt someone grab my wrist I quickly swatted it away. "hey I'm just trying to talk to you'' Harry said "oh sorry Harry" i replied " so i heard you're coming to the cottage with the boys and I" he said coming closer to me and leaning on a wall "yeah and guess who wanted me to come"i said with my back agents the wall "I'm gonna take a guess and say Lilly wanted you to come and have fun." Harry said "oh did she tell you" I said "no Zayn told me"


hey my payners I'm kinda leaving you on a cliffhanger (not really ) but im gonna try to double update soon but im sorry about it 

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