Guardian of the Sun

This story comes from a mix of other stories in my head, most I may not post. I plan to make a series out of this, if possible. It is based on an ancient world that I came up with. I also took some ideas out of Marked and The Lightning Thief, but they are minor I am not steal an part of the story. A girl named Kayla learns about it and faces an evil unimaginable that might bring her undoing.


2. Ava-The hunters and its query

     Ava has not been this excited for weeks.  She has finally found her!  She peers from her hiding spot into the grounds of Lakerow High School.  The school itself is not that impressive.  Two story brick buildings, with a bad need of a paint job and window washing, are scattered on the campus.  The grounds completely contrast from the buildings.  Rows of flowers flow alongside the gravel paths.  Bushes and trees are scattered tastefully on the manicured lawn; they have no debris around them.  But the magnificent grounds cannot capture the attention of Ava, whose eyes are watching a young girl with golden brown hair and hazel eyes.  Ava has been tracking her for months, but was unable to find her because she was so elusive.  She notices the girl is by herself and believes she would be easy to approach.

     Before Ava could climb out of her hiding spot in the tree nearby, a group of raucous teenagers appeared.  They are obviously part of the rich jock crowd, with their football jerseys, classy hair styles, and fancy phones.  From her perch Ava listen to the confrontation.

    "Kayla!" shouts one of the jocks, clearly the leader of the group.  He tries to put his arm around the girl, but she shakes it off.

  "What do you want?" asks Kayla warily, "If you are going to ask to the dance, again, the answer is still no."  To Ava, Kayla's voice has a slight nasal tone, as if she grew up by a river or something, and a familiar accent

   "Aw! Come on beautiful," complained the jock, "It will be fun. We might be even crowned king and queen of Lakerow"

   Kayla snorted, " I do not exist to satisfy your ridiculous needs of popularity and pleasure."

   The jock's face turns red as his laugh at him, saying got told.  He quickly regained his bravado and replies smartly, "At least I'm not afraid of my own shadow."  He makes a start at Kayla, making her jump into the shadow of the tree where Ava is hiding.  When half of Kayla's body was inside the shade, she freaks.  She scampers out of the shadow and starts brushing off her shoulder and leg, as if there was cobwebs attached to them. The jocks start laughing hysterically at Kayla and stroll on there way mimicking Kayla.  Kayla gives a dark stare at their back  and heads in the opposite direction of the jocks.  As she walks Ava notices that Kayla is avoiding every shadow.

   It intrigues Ava.  This can make her job a lot easier, but why would the shadows want Kayla?  She obviously has no training and has very little importance, unless they think she is powerful.  This prospect makes Ava more anxious to get to Kayla before it is too late.

    The bell rings, signaling the start of classes.  Ava leaps from her hiding spot and follows Kayla's tracks in the gravel to a school building.  It is clearly labeled the science building.  Knowing she can't be spotted, Ava hides behind a bush insight of the entrance and the forest behind the building.  She is prepared to wait for Kayla to appear, but she did not have to wait long.  She notices Kayla fleeing into the forest and Ava swore she saw a shadow pursuing her. This is going to be interesting, Ava thought as she runs into the woods

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