Back Up Dancers For 1D

Nicki, Harriet, Zoey, Lulu, and Lily are wonderful dancers. They love to dance. When they get a job dancing for a band... will they accept? Will they know the band?


6. Dancing For The Boys

Lily's P.O.V

The boys walked in and I was freaking out inside. I absolutely love 1D!!! I know that Harriet and Lulu don't like them as much but they will, just watch and see!

When they walked in I could see Niall's gorgeous ocean blue eyes and blonde hair, and his hair had just the amount of brown to top it all off. Louis with his beautiful striped top and wonderful Grey-Green eyes. Harry and his curly hair and green eyes. Zayn and is black quiff and it had just the right height to it. Then Liam... OMG he was the best!! He had the best hair cut and the most gorgeous brown eyes. Although, Louis was funny Liam was just awesome but I'm taken, sadly.


 Anyways before I fan-girl again.... Simon wanted us to show One Direction our dance. So we got ready as Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam sat down in front of us as we got in to position for a new dance that we made. We had brought our new Take Me Home album and this time we were doing a dance to Kiss You. Nikki had thought of doing a dance to this song and we all agreed.

We danced and danced. Till the song was over then we made a pose. We stood there waiting for the clapping. There was none! We waited there looking confused as the boys looked at Simon then each other. Then... Out of no where... Another standing ovation from all the boys. We sighed in delight. I was so worried they didn't like us!!! Omg I am so happy they like us. This is going to be great going on tour with them!!


Liam's P.O.V

When we walked in to the room I saw the girls and they were gorgeous! I didn't know their names as we have never met before but I knew if we liked them, we would be able to get to know them more and probably get to know their names, and more about them. That would be nice.

The girls showed us their dance to our song Kiss You of the Take Me Home album. I have to say they were pretty good. After they were done I looked at the boys and they looked at me then... we stood up and clapped! They were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

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