Back Up Dancers For 1D

Nicki, Harriet, Zoey, Lulu, and Lily are wonderful dancers. They love to dance. When they get a job dancing for a band... will they accept? Will they know the band?


7. Awkward Silence

Lulu's POV

I don't know what to say, they liked us. Now we're going to get this job it's both good and bad. We get to go on tour with One Direction...Bad. And we finally got a job working for A-list celebrities, that's pretty good. It seems I hate them a lot I don't hate them that much I just hate their fans. Not all of them just the psychotic ones, once you write just one bad thing about them like say you don't like them they turn against you in an instant. Total strangers cursing you out, pathetic. It's really not necessary, I just never thought that it was so serious, they're just five really hot guys.

Hey don't get me wrong they're all hot, yes but, certain people they like guys because of their looks and don't really know them. And I mean know them, I bet you when a fan says 'I know him, he lives in this city! In this state! In this country!' He doesn't even now the half of it, It's just bonkers.

"So, did you guys like it?" I burst out as they were just staring and looking back at each other clapping like total idiots. Like hello, is anyone home? They all snapped their heads up coming back to reality.

Harriet's POV

"So, did you guys like it?" Lulu blurted out. Oh my god, I love this girl she's like another me but worse. I could tell she was impatient they were literally just looking back at each other over and over again with the biggest smiles on their faces. They were just talking to each other, I kept hearing good and dance and blah blah blah. Do they talk they have to take so long?

"Oh, yeah we did." Louis said with a cheeky smile. "But, I liked it the most."

"Oh, really! I liked it way more than you." Niall said pointing his finger on  Louis' chest. Is this seriously happening, what is wrong with guys? Louis cover his chest were Niall had pointed it saying 'Ow!'

"I think I liked it a tad bit better then Nialler her, girls." He looked over to us.

"Pft." Niall said shaking his head.

From the corner of my eye I saw Nicki just staring at Niall, I had to tap her and she instantly looked over at me jumping a little.

"What?" She whispered looking at me.

"You were staring, like how you do when you look at the posters." I whispered back and she mouthed the words 'thank you.'

I turned my attention back to the guys. Niall and Louis were having a fake pity argument of who like our dance better, Zayn was on his phone looking like he could care less and Harry and Liam were playing patty cake.

Are me and Lulu the only ones who fund this horrendous by any chance?

Simon's POV

The boys have had their stupid argument or attempt at being funny go way to long. It was starting to other me a bit.

"Would you two shut it?" I asked slightly annoyed. The other guys snickered and so did two or three of the girls. "Introduce yourselves and whatever I'm on my way." I walked out of the studio exiting the building and driving away in my car.

Liam' POV

After Simon left the room the guys and I all stood in a line saying our names which made some of the girls laugh because I'm pretty sure they already knew out names.

"I think we were suppose to introduce ourselves." The red-headed one said pointing towards her and the girls.

"Yeah, I knew that." I replied smiling.

"Sure, you did." A girl with pink hair at the end said.

"Well, I'm Lily." The red head said.

"Hi." They rest of the boys said and I nodded.

"I'm Nicki." A blonde said looking towards Nialler and he smiled back.

"I'm Harriet." She didn't look so excited, hm wonder what's wrong.

"I'm Lulu." The one with the pink tips said.

"And I'm Zoey." Another blonde said.

"Nice to meet you all." I announced.

Zoey, Nicki and Lily responded and the other two sat back down looking at their phones.

Niall's POV

Was it just me or was Nicki rather cute but I can't date her, because she's going to end up working for us. Why am I even thinking of this? My heart belongs to another even though we aren't really a thing, yet at least. But once again Nicki is hot, ugh I hate being somewhat unavailable.

I noticed Harriet and Lulu sat back down staring at their phones. Either they had some other place to be or they just aren't too fond of One Direction.

"Are you guys okay?" Harry asked.

They both looked up nodding while the other girls turned back looking at them probably giving them the what's your problem face.

"Something's wrong with you two?" Zayn added.

Lulu's POV

I looked up at Zayn and sighed. "I'm very sorry but if we haven't made it that obvious by even a tiny bit, Harriet and I don't really...find you guys...what's the word?"

"You guys don't like us." Liam answered.

"I guess you could put it that way." I said.

"It's not that we don't like you, it's that we don't know you and every time something new happens to one of you we hear either Nicki, Lily or Zoey squealing about how 'Harry's has a new hairstyle,' or 'One Direction was in New York yesterday.' It's not personal it's just annoying to hear about you guys twenty four seven of the day." Harriet finally spoke up.

"Yeah, it's not personal at all. We still do like some of your music, just not you guys that much." I added on to Harriet's response.

"So you guys are working for us, and don't even like us?" Harry asked.

"Not completely." Harriet spoke up again.

"O..kay." Niall said.

"This isn't awkward at least one bit." Louis said swaying back and forth while Liam looked at the ground, Niall checked his phone and Harry stared at both of us looking confused.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked standing up walking towards the other girls but referring to the guys. Silence filled the room as the guys looked everywhere but us and avoided the question. This is going to be one weird adventure.


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