4 boys, 5 Seconds of Summer

When 16 year old Maddie Rags finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer is staying in her house for summer, she falls for Luke. But will he fall for her? Read more to find out


4. Hospital

Maddie's POV

I got a text. It was from Calum. They were going to take him to the hospital. I asked Luke if he wanted to go, and he said "Yes." I ran downstairs. I asked my mom "Can you drive Luke and I to the hospital?" My mom said "What for?" I said "Michael got hit by a car." She said "Oh dear goodness Michael!" She went into the car and she started to drive us to the emergency room. I got a call from Calum.

*Phone Call* Authors Note: C=Calum, and M=Maddie

M:Hey Calum. Any news?

C: He got knocked unconcious, and might have a concussion, but other than that, nothing to serious.

M:Oh, that's terrible. Is there any chance of a coma?

C: There is a slight chance. But that is a one in a million.

M: What's the room number?

C: His room number is 238. I have to go. See you in the room!

M:See you!

I turned off the phone, and I looked over at Luke and he looked upset. I said "What's the matter Luke? I'm sure everything will be fine with Michael." Luke said "Ashton texted me and he said that there is a chance of Michael being in a coma.

My mom said "We are here. I'm going to be at the house"

Luke and I climbed out of the car. We went up to the front desk. The lady said "How may I help you?" I said "We would like to know where room 238 is." The lady said "Sorry, we cannot admit you to the room. That is from the strict policy of Michael Clifford." Luke said "He is in my band. We are from 5 Seconds of Summer and Calum Hood said that he wanted me to go." The lady replied "We can let you through but not the girl." Luke said "She is our friend. We met her today but she is still our friend." The lady said "Very well then. Come along you two." We went to the room, and Michael was awake. "Michael!" Luke said. Michael said "Who are you? Who is this Michael guy?"



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