4 boys, 5 Seconds of Summer

When 16 year old Maddie Rags finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer is staying in her house for summer, she falls for Luke. But will he fall for her? Read more to find out


6. Home from the hospital

Calum's POV

A lady came in. She said "Michael, you're free to go." He changed into his regular clothing and then we left. I sat in the front and Luke was driving (he will get us killed for sure) and Maddie was sitting in the passenger seat. The rest of us sat the normal way. Ashton said to me "I just want someone to love like Luke loves Maddie." Maddie turned around and said to Ashton "My best friend Ashleigh would make a perfect match for you. She plays the drums, and she enjoys being childish.

Maddie's POV

Ashton said "Do you think she would like me?" I said "Ash, are you kidding me she is obsessed with you. She's coming over tomorrow if you want to meet her." Ashton said "That's a deal!"

We got home from the hospital and the first thing Michael wanted to do was play on the XBox. Typical Michael. Luke sat down with me, and we both laughed because Michael couldn't kill the zombies. He finally shot one, and then he went on a kill streak. He was killing people and he just was literally killing them. It was the funniest thing ever. We went downstairs to go get some juice, and then I felt something grab my ankle. I couldn't breathe for a minute, until Calum crawled out from under the couch. Luke slapped Calum and we all laughed.

Luke's POV

That scared me so much when I thought that someone was there to get Ashleigh, and then, something started to grab me. Ashton came out from under the couch. I laughed so hard 

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