the love i found (a niall horan fanfic)

this is a story about a girl named Natiley shes had some ups and downs until she meets the boy of her dreams niall horan


4. unpacking

Natiley's POV

the truck with all of our things like furniture and such is coming down my road mum said while they unload our things i can go explore the new town  that i now live in. so i decided to walk down  the street and visit a few shops i saw a bakery and i immediately walked in. i had some pocket money so i bought some chocolate chip cookies and they had tea so i bought a cup of that too. i payed for my things and then turned around to see.. Niall i was soo happy!! he smiled when he saw me and asked me to wait for him soo i did. as he payed for his things i sat on a bench on the outside of the shop. he came out and we talked then he asked for my address and so i gave it too him then he said "no questions pick you up and 8 where something formal i'll be in my tux" so i walked home and unpacked my things and by the time i was done it was 7 so i took a shower and got ready.

Niall's POV

i cant believe i just did that shes probably all worried now but its fine. i know ive only known her for like 6 hours i think i love her.

 Natiley's POV

i have my black dress on with some matching silver heels. my makeups perfect and so is my hair i cant wait to see niall!! the bell rings and i race down to see him

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