the love i found (a niall horan fanfic)

this is a story about a girl named Natiley shes had some ups and downs until she meets the boy of her dreams niall horan


3. picking up luggage and going home

Natiley's POV


i went into the airport and picked up my bags and luggage. when i saw niall ran over and told me i forgot a piece of paper on the plane i was like ohh and then i relized it had his number on  it i was soo happy and excited the paper said "heres my number love to here from ya xxx -Niall" i was soo happy i couldn't even talk i only smiled!!

Niall's POV

i saw how happy she was when i gave her my number and now she is all i can think about.

Natiley's POV

we are in the car mum had rented from the place near the airport and we are going home mum saw me smiling and had said "for someone who didn't want to come here you sure are showing off the opposite reaction aren't you?" i just roled my eyes and texted niall i said "hey its nat" he replied to my text and i couldn't do anything but smile and text him back of course. mum and i get home and we unpack our things.

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