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I don’t know how I fell into his world but I was one of the lame kids and suddenly I was the most popular girl in the school, everyone wanted to be me but the only thing I wanted was him, and I made sure that that was what I got.


1. New School.


I woke up to the annoying buzzing of my alarm clock. I smash it with my hand before rolling over in bed, not this again! After my mum deciding to move town yet again, I was stuck being the new kid at yet another new school. Our house is still full of cardboard boxes unpacked.

I eventually climb out of bed and face my closet; I have lost count how many times this has happened. What I mean is standing in front of my wardrobe not sure what to wear on my first day, it happens. This is the problem, schools need to have uniforms! I rest hands on my hips and sigh heavily, Mum passes my room. She stands in the doorway supporting a mug of coffee; she sighs and shakes her head. She knows this happens.

After twenty minutes of Mum bargaining with me and me shouting I need clothes we agree that she will take me shopping after school today. I pick out a plaid red shirt and my favourite pair of worn blue denim shorts. I slip on my trusty purple Converse and grab my black leather rucksack, slinging it over my shoulder in the process. I tie my shirt up at the front to give it a more fashionable look before hopping down the stairs, skipping a step at a time. Down in front of the hall mirror I let my chocolate waves of hair sit on my shoulders and pin back my side fringe, covering my roots and leaving the sides to fall on my face. I look into my deep brown eyes in the mirror; I’m surprised we even have that unpacked.

I shout goodbye to Mum before slamming the front door behind me and starting my new walk to my new school.

I’m halfway near the school when I spot a boy about my age walking on the path across the road, he’s watching me intently with a hint of curiosity, I don’t even wave, I’m just that shy. I keep walking and look ahead; pretending not to look bothered when I really am. I get to the school and walk up the path, the minutes you step in, it instantly hits you who’s popular and who’s not. The whole lawn at the front is swarming with blond, skinny girls chatting and looking like they just stepped out of a movie scene. Well there are also brunettes and auburns but the blonds stand out as you can tell they’re the most popular judging by this scene in front of me.

I skirt around the groups and finally make it to the front door of the school alive, once inside I go in search of the main office. I look around at the lockers and the classroom doors dotted around the corridor, I walk towards a door near the end when I walk into something solid, almost hard. I look to my eye level expecting it to be the wall when I see the buttons of someone’s shirt, I look up to meet a pair of honey coloured eyes. They aren’t welcoming, they’re furious. I step back and take a full view look of the stranger I walked into. He’s tall and skinny but muscular, his biceps and toned chest showing under his leather jacket. His skinny black jeans so tight and perfect I’d swear he has to peel them off at night, his cheekbones so detailed like a god on the roman coins. His eyes are like melted honey and his hair is just, wow! It’s begging to be touched and tangled in someone’s fingers. He clears his throat awkwardly, obviously he caught me staring. I step back further and look at the ground,

“I’m sorry, I’m new and I don’t know where I’m going and I wasn't looking.”

He nods quietly, obviously angry at me. I nod quietly and stand there, he nods before walking off. I watch his back as he disappears through a crowd of people, diving between them before disappearing altogether. A feminine voice brings me back to my senses,

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before and I have been going to this school for years!”

I turn in the direction of the girl’s voice to be met by a cheery looking girl. She has blondish sandy hair and chocolate brown eyes like mine. She smiles at me and extends her hand,

“Hi, I’m Demi.”

I shake her hand and smile,

“Hey, I’m Carter.”

Demi is wearing high waisted black shorts and a loose white tank top with the American flag, so I am dressed normal. She has neon pink leopard print Vans on and she has a cute hot pink snapback sitting perfectly on her blond hair that’s slightly wavy. Her makeup is minimal, consisting of simple black mascara and eyeliner. She nods at me and tilts her head to the side,

“So I’m guessing you’re new?”

I nod and laugh nervously; she sees my face and slaps me playfully on the arm,

“Hey! Don’t be looking like that! As long as you stick with me, you’ll be fine!”

She winks at me and links arms with me before dragging me off down the corridor, I protest but fail to stop the friendly girl from dragging me away.

“Where are you taking me?”

She stops and turns to face me; she rolls her eyes and places her hands on her hips like a lecturing mother.

“Well you’re new right?”

I nod quietly and bite my lip, a terrible habit of mine.

“Then you need to go to the office.”

This time I willingly follow her to the office, down the corridor, around a few twists and bends and eventually we’re greeted by the smell of paper and freshly made coffee. A rather bored looking woman in her late fifties is sitting at the window for the office. She looks up tiredly at me, her face lights up instantly when she spots Demi,

“Well hello Demi, what can I help you with?”

Demi smiles politely and tilts her head towards me, the middle aged lady smiles and inspects me above her glasses which are placed on the bridge of her nose. She nods as if she just remembered something; she stands up, pushing her glasses up to the view of her eyes before ruffling some papers. She lifts some and picks up some, eventually handing me a few sheets.

“Okay Carter, I’m Doloris, the secretary. Here’s your timetable and a map of the school, have a nice day girls.”

She smiles at both of us, her face breaking into wrinkles. Demi nods and bids Doloris goodbye before pulling me off down the corridor again. She pulls the papers out of my hands and reads them, a crease appearing on her forehead as she reads along.

We pass a litter bin on the way to her locker; she stops abruptly and throws a sheet in the bin. I inspect it to see she has thrown my map away,

“Hey! That’s my map!”

Demi turns to me, rolling her eyes and hitting me on the arm playfully,

“You have me, you won’t need it.”

I look over her shoulder, inspecting the sheet of paper she’s reading. It’s my timetable; my locker number is at the top left hand corner of the sheet. Demi peers at me before smiling, she directs me to my locker before showing me that hers is across the hall from it, not a ten foot distance. I enter the locker code and pull it open, a lingering smell of metal up my nose. The locker is empty, I pull my rucksack off my back and shove in the books I won’t need. Demi gives me the thumbs up from across the hall; I nod discreetly before turning back to my locker. I stick a photo of my Dad to the door to add my own touches. I slam my locker shut and walk across the hall to Demi; she nods at me and brings me to my class before leaving for hers. Just great, Geography.

I push open the door and take a seat in the middle of the class, not wanting to draw any attention to myself. But of course I do, the minute I walk in everyone is looking at me curiously, they all know I’m new because they obviously haven’t seen me before. I stare at the ground as I make my way to a seat; I tug my bag off my shoulder and push it under the table. A nasty looking blond girl bursts into the class, followed by the guy I walked into this morning. They make their way over to me, I keep my head down and stare at the desk, the blond girl stops in front of the desk I’m at and puts her hands on her hips coughing loudly. I look up at her, she glares at me before speaking up,

“You’re in my seat.”

I mumble a ‘sorry’ before picking up my bag and standing up, I turn to leave before I feel her push me. I stumble backwards and spin fast towards her, she’s glaring at me. The guy I walked into is trying to calm her down,

“Look Perrie we can get another seat, see? She got out what’s your deal?”

Perrie, I’m guessing, totally ignores the guy’s remarks and holds her icy glare at me. I turn to walk away again but she walks around me and slaps my face, I cringe and turn away. I blink back the tears and watch her face. Her face gets angrier when she realises I’m not going to fight back,

“What’s wrong with you? Not gonna stand up for yourself eh? Chicken!”

I look at the guy, I’m presuming is her boyfriend, I give him a pleading look. He nods curtly and grabs this Perrie girl’s shoulders. He whispers things in her ear and she immediately calms down, I scamper away as fast as I can and take a seat by the window. Eventually the teacher decides to show up, he claps his hands together and talks to the class,

“So class, today we have a new student. Why don’t you come up mystery girl?”

 I don’t move from my seat as his eyes scan the class, eventually they land on me. He shakes his head and frowns,

“Don’t make me go down there and drag you up, come on Carter!”

I give up, defeated. He knows my name so he knows more than he portrays, I stand up on wobbly legs and slowly make my way to the front of the class. I hear a cheeky girl remark,

“Today would be nice.”

I cringe and stand beside the teacher at the top of the class; he puts an arm around my shoulders and speaks to me,

“So Carter, tell us more about yourself!”

I nod and gulp, my throat immediately drying up, my tongue beginning to feel like sandpaper. I clear my throat and speak, even though I’m pretty sure the teacher didn’t hear me and he’s standing right beside me,

“My name is Carter, I don’t come from anywhere because my Mum and I are always moving, its work related.”

I don’t know why I felt the need to explain why I’m always moving, do I care what they think?

“I don’t have any brothers or sisters or pets, I love music and I hate Geography.”

A few students snort and giggle as I quickly walk back to my seat; the teacher is clearly not pleased with my last remark but continues the class. For the whole class I remain in my seat, looking out the window and watching the busy life outside, I watch a bird gather twigs and leaves for the nest its preparing, I watch the groundskeeper mow the lawn. Many things happened over that class but one thing that didn’t happen was me actually paying attention.

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