A Spark in Revolution

You may of heard about the show Revolution on NBC, but what happened if it all came true? What if the world lost all for of electricity, and had to go back tot he way things we ran during the days before light bulbs? Where we had to fight against a brutal government, rebels, and a southern nation. Well, this would be my story during that time. My name would be different, but my friends, and lovers, would be a little different. I would be in the Appalachian Mountains, and hunt to save my friends, family, and lovers. My weapon of chose would be a bow and arrow. I would be on my own side, and I would be one of the few people to start a spark that turns into a revolution.


8. Chapter 7: The Beast has Awoken

        I woke up the next morning in my brother's arms. He was fast asleep and looked really cute when he was asleep, not as cute as Jon though. At that moment I did think of him; we went to school together. I tried to find him after The Lights went out, but no luck. I cried over him many nights and days, hoping that I would see him again. After a few weeks of giving up, I let him go and began work in the village. I never did think about him a lot, but when I did,I cherished that moment. When I saw my brother there, in his sleep, I thought of Jon and cried a little.

      I got up out of bed, trying not to wake Alex up, got my gear, and headed out to the loading area where I would leave to jump the border. I met Jason and Michael there, ready to suit me up. I saw Adri packing all of the food and supplies for the trip. Her bump was just starting to form. I got suited up and ready to go, and sneaked out of the tent with not a single one the guards noticing. It looked like it was around Five in the Morning, telling by the sun rise. I ran from the tent to the meeting spot for the escape route.


     "Ready for your make over?" asked Adri. I look at her and just give her this look of pure hatred. " When ever you say make over, either I'm gonna lose something or gain something." " In this case, you won't gain something, but you will lose something." I give a massive gulp. Long story short, I've lost eye lashes before because of a really bad make over done by her. " Oh, relax. It's just gonna be quick and simple." She then proceeds to cut my hair. It was a beautiful long dark brown hair that looked ginger in the sunlight, but the became a short straight mess.

     " There! All done!" She hands me a piece of broken mirror saved from an old house that burned to the ground a long time ago. I stare at myself. A once beautiful girl with a normal life and an older brother was I; now i am a so called "Rebel Queen" and have been classified as a villain, the bad guy. If they want a bad guy, they got one. You take my brother, friends, and everything I worked so hard for away from my hands, you will be met with a deadly and painful death. And I can make your death look like a COMPLETE and UNDER ACCIDENT.


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