A Spark in Revolution

You may of heard about the show Revolution on NBC, but what happened if it all came true? What if the world lost all for of electricity, and had to go back tot he way things we ran during the days before light bulbs? Where we had to fight against a brutal government, rebels, and a southern nation. Well, this would be my story during that time. My name would be different, but my friends, and lovers, would be a little different. I would be in the Appalachian Mountains, and hunt to save my friends, family, and lovers. My weapon of chose would be a bow and arrow. I would be on my own side, and I would be one of the few people to start a spark that turns into a revolution.


5. Chapter 4: The Last Time and A Mission?

    As soon as the crowd and yelling was out of my sight, I ran up the hill as fast I could. When I reached the Medical Tent, I saw M&M and Nick standing outside, "Michael! Nick!" I yelled. They turned around and saw me running towards the tent. Nick opened his arm out for me to run into. I ran into his arms and he gave me a hug.

   "Clover, I'm so sorry about what happened." He said to me. I pull away and give him a smile. "It's okay Nick, we didn't know that Joey was gonna fire at Alex. I bet you he was aiming for me." I told him. "At least you killed Joey, he was starting to piss me off." I heard Michael say. I turned and looked at him, then gave him a pat on the shoulder.

    "Hey, now that he's gone, you and Adriana can start planning for your little bundle of joy." I said, and the look on Nick's face was priceless. I laughed and felt a little better, "How's Alex doing?" I asked, worried sick about him. "We don't know, the doctor told us to wait outside until he says we can come in." Michael said. We waited for what seemed like two hours for the doctor to come out.

     The doctor came out. I stood up and walked up to him, "How's he doing?" I asked worried. Tears were on the edge of my eyes. The doctor looked at me with a serious look on his face. "Miss Clover, your brother is in a low critical condition, at this point he could slip into high critical or stable." When he finished up, I stood there, crying my fucking eyes out.

    "Is there anyway she can see him?" Nick asked while putting his arm around me, I leaned into his chest. "She can see him, but this may be his last chance to see her." "I don't care! Just as long as I see him I'm fine!" I yelled at him. Everyone stood there, still like statues. "You can go in." The doctor finally said to break the silence.

     I pushed past him and went inside. I gasped as I saw my brother, Alex Listener laying in a bed with a bloody shoulder rapped in gauze. "Alex, I'm so sorry." I whisper as I walked to his bed side. I closed my eyes and a tear fell. I felt a hand grab mine, I opened my eyes and saw my brother grabbing my hand. "Sis, it's fine. You didn't know he was gonna fire." He said. I smiled and fell to the ground.

    "Clove, if this is the last time I see you, I want you to do something." He was trying to sit up but I laid him back down. "What is it?"  He took a minute to say what it was "I need you to travel to Little Rock, Arkansas. A cousin of ours is down there, her name is Evie." He told me. I was in total shock. We have a cousin down there?!  "How do I find her?" " Remember this: Where there is trouble in the town, she'll be there."

     He fell asleep after that, I got up and whispered one last thing before I left, " Goodbye Alex, I love you." I kissed his cheek and walked out of the tent. Michael and Jason stood up from where they were sitting. "What did he say?" Asked Nick. I looked at him, my face red from the tears, still shaking from the days events and said, "He wants me to cross the border into The Georgia Territory, so I can go to Little Rock."


A/N: Hi guys! thank you for reading the story so far and sorry if this was a crappy chapter with not a lot of action. I will write some more soon!!! Like, favorite and comment plz!! love u!!

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