A Spark in Revolution

You may of heard about the show Revolution on NBC, but what happened if it all came true? What if the world lost all for of electricity, and had to go back tot he way things we ran during the days before light bulbs? Where we had to fight against a brutal government, rebels, and a southern nation. Well, this would be my story during that time. My name would be different, but my friends, and lovers, would be a little different. I would be in the Appalachian Mountains, and hunt to save my friends, family, and lovers. My weapon of chose would be a bow and arrow. I would be on my own side, and I would be one of the few people to start a spark that turns into a revolution.


4. Chapter 3: A Ceremony Never to Forget

       It is around sunset when I headed out to my spot for the ceremony, I saw Adriana in her place and give her a smile and thumbs up. She smiled back and rubs her stomach, Her and Michael are gonna have a happy family. I thought to myself. I stand at the front of the fire pit in the middle of the village, and see the platoon standing in formation, waiting for the Troops to come marching in.

      I feel a tug on my skirt and see a little girl standing. "Ms. Clover, I just want to say that I know that you aren't a rebel leader and I want to wish you well." I smiled and squatted down to give her a hug. "Thank you sweetie, that means a lot to me and I wish you well to. Where are your parents?" I asked her. "I don't have any, I ran away from them. It's just me."

     I looked at her and smiled. "Well, where are you running to?" I ask. She was about to say something when I hear the trumpets, signaling that the Troops are close by. "Tell me later sweetie, you need to get to your spot." She nods and walks away. "Ms. Clover!" I heard her yells. "Yes, sweetie?" I yell back and she has a smile on her face. "My name is Adelina."

    I wanted to say something to her, but she was around the corner and gone. I heard the sound of horses running in our direction and knew it was them. "Places everyone!" I yelled out. Everyone was in their spots, and behind the crowd I see black cloaks standing there. Rebels, I think to myself. I see the first few horses come in and then I saw the main event, Commander Dylan Rotarian of the Republic.

    Alex's Platoon comes in for formation and presents the national colors, the Commander get off his horse and walked in my direction. "Good Evening, Miss Clover, and Captain Listener." "Good Evening, Commander." I say. I look out onto the village and see everyone nod their heads. "I see the villagers are in wonderful shape, no criminal activity?" the Commander says.

   "There have been rebel sightings in the area lately Sir, but no activity reported." I hear my brother say. The Commander turned away from me and looked at my brother. "Really? Have you seen them at all?" He asks very seriously. "Yes Sir, and the name of the rebel leader is Joey-"

     Just then a gun shot was heard and I saw my brother clutching his right shoulder, then scream out in pain, the blood rushing from his shoulder through his fingers as he tries to stop the bleeding.  "No, not now!" I whisper. I could feel the hot tears of rage and anger rushing down my face, and  I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders and a blade up against my neck. "Everyone, listen! If the Commander and his men make one move, I will kill her!" Joey yells out.

    I rolled my eyes, "Oh for fuck sakes, man." I said. I kicked him in the crotch, and he lets me go, screaming in pain. I then kneed him in the gut, punched him in the back off the head and pulled out the sword from Alex's belt. "You will regret killing me, Clover Frost!" Joey said. "Those are your last words you little dumb ass?" I said as I placed the blade on his neck. " Your death will be good  for us all."

       I moved the sword across his neck, blood poured out like a water fountain. He gaged in pain and falling to the ground as more blood began to pour out.  I heard the sound of people screaming and panicking, but I hear someone  yell out "Rebel Queen!" The crowd quiets down when the Commander fires his pistol in the air. He lowers it down and turns to face me. "Is that true, Miss Clover?" He asked while looking at my wounded brother. "N-no it's not, S-sir." I heard my brother say.

   The Commander squatted down and laid Alex to the ground. "Now, now Captain, that's enough chatter for one night." He got up and looked around. "Someone take this man to the Medical Tent. Now." Everyone stands in silence, "I said now, God Dammit!" The Commander yells out. Two Troops from the Platoon, M&M and Nick, carry Alex to the Medical Tent.

   "As for you Miss Clover, we will have to take control of this village until we can get the 'Rebel Queen' deal under control." He said. I stood there in silence, "Very well, I'm glad you came tonight Sir, hope this place doesn't drive you crazy." I said. I walked down the steps,past the crowd, ignoring all the looks and the death threats and up the hill to the Medical Tent. As I walked past the crowd, I knew that i was in for a show, and bad things were to come. 

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