When Steve finds his enchanted diamond sword missing, who could it be but Herobrine? Steve sets off on a journey to vanquish this enemy and get back the sword he was missing. But when Steve meets this new gamer, is Herobrine the one who is actually responsible for the danger he finds himself in? Full of danger, action, fight scenes, romance, betrayal, and excitement, Stalked tells the thrilling tale of Steve's greatest adventure yet.

(For the Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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4. Gathering

Steve was shocked. Nobody, not even Brian, could have stolen his sword. He had enchanted the locks so only he could get in, and none of the villagers could open doors of the houses they didn't live in. 

"Only one person is powerful enough to do this,'' muttered Steve. "Herobrine sent that Blaze in to distract me while he snagged my best weapon!" he glanced around the chest. "And my armor," he cursed.

Brian gasped."Steve! Language!" 

"But that guy stole all my prized possessions! My diamond armor, enchanted diamond sword, bottle of enchantment, my shears, my spare bed, my food... all that's left is some wood planks. Good thing he didn't take my crafting table. If he had the power to make his own tools, not stolen ones, he would be even harder to defeat. He is going to pay, he is!"

Brian cheered. "Go Steve!" he whooped. "Kill him!"

Steve made a determined face. "I will."

The next day, Steve called a town meeting. The villagers gathered in the town hall, all anxious to hear what Steve had to say.

"Welcome, fellow villagers, and thank you for attending this meeting. As you all know, two nights ago we were attacked by a monster called a Blaze. This monster has destroyed our land, burned houses, killed our family and friends, and devastated our lives. Now, there is a reason that this Blaze escaped."

Steve heard some gasps from the villagers.

"You see, the Blaze is a particular monster that lives in another dimension, called the Netherlands. However, with the help of a powerful enchantment, the Blaze was able to escape the other lands and attack us. I believe that I know who is responsible for the attack. There is a rather powerful gamer on the loose, and I think it is my duty to vanquish this gamer. He is evil, and will stop at nothing to take revenge on his brother, Notch, and every village, villager, gamer and animal until the domains of Minecraft are nothing but a barren, smoking, monster-infested wasteland, with nothing good or beautiful or useful left." 


"And I want to stop this man, named Herobrine, from destroying us totally." 

The villagers all murmured to each other. "But Steve," called a random one from the back. "If you leave us, we'll be virtually unprotected if we get attacked!" 

"I have taken that into consideration, and I have thought hard about a solution. While there is no way to ensure your safety, I have located some semi-local gamers who I am planning on going to for help. I am hoping to locate one or two who are willing to help me out and keep an eye on you guys while I'm on this journey, at least until... I come back," Steve choked up a little, realizing this might be the last time he talks to any of the fifteen or so residents in his village. He cleared his throat and blinked back tears. "Now I can't be sure any of them are willing to help me, but I will try. I won't lie and say that I will definitely return, but I will try to do my best to protect you."

A pin dropping would've been louder than the sounds of the villagers after this testament. Steve stepped solemnly down from the podium and raised his hands, signaling that they were free to leave. Nobody did. 

"Steve! Where are you planning on looking for Herobrine?" A voice rang up from the crowd. It was Lou, a Street-sweeper. 

"How are you going to kill him?" wondered another villager, a young boy named Smith III, the apple pruner's grandson and heir. 

"Who are you going to send to protect us?" Eva called up. 

"Who is Herobrine, anyway?" yelled a short little villager, the town hobo, Bill.

Steve sighed and stepped back onto the podium to finish explaining. "Ok, I see we aren't done here. So to answer your questions- Lou, I have located some caves that may have been Herobrine's previous residences. I will start there and hopefully follow any clues I find there to where he is located now, with an army of monsters. Smith- I will steal back my sword and get him while he's sleeping. Nighttime only seems to go by in ten seconds if you're asleep, if I stay awake I can find his vulnerability and hopefully kill him quickly and quietly and sneak out before any monsters notice, then I'll find some TNT and blow up the cave, hopefully killing as many as possible. Eva, I don't know who I'm sending to you, but I will try to find someone nice and strong and brave. Bill, Herobrine is nothing but a monster in a player's body. He lives to kill and will not stop at anything to destroy us, because he wants our tools, for he is unable to make his own. ANY further questions may be directed to Brian, my assistant, roommate and best friend. Thank you." And in a dramatic fashion Steve leaped from the podium and walked right out of the Town Hall.

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