First Sight (Niall fanfic)

Laura Everett never thought she would even see the band let alone meet them. Niall never thought he would meet his dream girl at a concert but one look and he was in love. It started with an innocent look, a conversation, a phone number and developed into something beautiful. They had one week to fall in love, but will it last? Will the pressure of being the girlfriend of one of the most sought after boys in the world prove too much?


1. The First Encounter


‘Laura! Are you nearly ready to go?’ My mother called up the stairs. Today was the day I had been waiting for. Today I would see One Direction live on tour! I won three tickets for my friends and I on the radio a while ago. It was obvious who I would bring. Hanna and Chloe have been my best friends since I could walk. There was no question that they were coming with me. I ran downstairs and grabbed my mum’s hands, jumping up and down wildly.

‘I’m going to see One Direction! I’m going to see them in real life! Do you think they’ll be as gorgeous as they are in all the magazines?’ I asked her. She laughed and patted down my wild blonde curls.

‘Even more handsome!’ She laughed.


We collected Hanna and Chloe on the way to the arena. They wore their one direction t shirts whereas I couldn’t because I didn’t have one. My mother bought me the cd before we left so if I saw them, they could sign it. I was so happy I hugged her tightly and told her I loved her.

‘See you later!’ I yelled back at the car and we ran to the doors, showing our tickets to the men at the door.

The inside of the arena was huge; I couldn’t imagine this place being full of avid directioners. I formed a chain with Hanna and Chloe and we pushed our way to the front. We had the best view of the boys for when they walked out toward the fans.

An hour later and the arena was brimming with people, the support acts were really good but nothing compared to the main attraction!

‘Now please welcome to the stage, the guys you’ve all been waiting for… One Direction!’ An announcer shouted over the screams of young girls in the audience. You could barely hear him but no one cared, Harry led the procession out onto the stage. Louise was getting a piggy back from Zayn while Liam messed up his hair. Last on was Niall, the guy I had been waiting for. He was as beautiful as the magazines, as promised. He smiled widely and waved to the audience, jumping around excitedly.

‘Hey guys! You ready to rock? One, two three…’ He grabbed a guitar and started messing around on stage. He had everyone in stitches, as usual. The boys sang their hits, one by one each better than the last. They were full of energy and couldn’t stop messing about. I was dancing with Hanna and Chloe and wasn’t really paying attention. I just happened to look up at the stage just as Niall looked down. We caught each other’s eye and I smiled shyly. He returned the smile, widely and seemed genuinely happy to see me. They started singing ‘Little Things’ while Niall played guitar. I swear, he stared at me the whole way through. I wasn’t embarrassed at all though, I just waved with everybody else and sang along. When the concert ended, we were among the first out. Chloe was bursting for the bathroom and Hanna had to ring her mother to get them. I stood off to the edge of the stage, waiting for Hanna to finish when I felt a tap on my back. I looked around surprised and stared up to the tallest man I have ever seen in my life. He wore a tight black tee and had an ear piece in his ear.

‘Come with me please.’ He said in a gruff voice. I was shocked, I had no idea what to do.

‘Bu-but my friends. They’ll wonder where I’ve gone.’ I stuttered, afraid I was in trouble.

‘I’ll send someone to get them. You follow me now.’ He stated again, pulling me through black double doors to the world of unknown: backstage.

‘Am I in some sort of trouble?’ I questioned him, staring at all of the props we passed on the way to wherever it was he was bringing me.

‘Someone wanted to see you.’ He said. Before I could ask who he stopped walking and I banged into him and fell. I rubbed my sore head from where it hit his rough elbow when someone offered me their hand. Without looking at them I grabbed it and jumped up. Then took an involuntary step back, gasping openly. Niall looked at me, sheepishly.

‘Thanks George, you can go now.’ Niall high fived the huge body guard. ‘I’m Niall.’ He said.

‘Yeah, I know. I’m Laura.’ I laughed. He smiled widely at me.

‘I like your laugh. It’s pretty… Like you.’ He said quietly. I blushed and looked away. There were wolf whistles and laughter from one corner of the room. Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn were looking at us and talking to other girls.

‘He’s been talking about you since he got off stage!’ Harry stated. Niall threw a pillow at his friend which warranted more laughter from them.

‘Want a drink or something?’ Niall asked kindly. I asked for a coke which he threw me from an ice box.

‘So… Would you sign my CD please?’ I asked. After all I told my mum I would ask.

‘Sure, do you have it there?’ I passed it to him from my handbag and he scribbled away. I looked down at it when he handed it back. He had written his name, a number and a love heart.

‘We’re in town for a week, call me? I’d love to see you again.’ He gushed.

I nodded, not trusting my mouth to hold in the screams. Niall Horan, my dream guy, was asking me out!!!

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