6. Us

Harry's POV 


I picked her up without breaking the kiss and took her into my room. I gently set her on my bed and continued to kiss her. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw them away from the bed. I undid her shirt only to reveal she wasn't wearing a bra. She then started for my jeans. She slowly undid my belt and tire my pants off. I did the same with hers. We got under the covers and had hard sex. Then she cuddled up to me and fell asleep. I fell asleep soon after. I woke up in the morning to my phone ringing and the doorbell going off. I looked at the clock. 4:30. "Crap Sam! It's 4:30!" She jumped up. "Crap!" She jumped up and got dressed. I did too. We ran downstairs and I opened the door. "Harry…" he avoided looking at me. He grabbed Sams stuff. He went outside. "Harry I don't feel so good…" she said and ran to the bathroom. I held her hair up. She finished. "Did you use protection?" I looked at her worried. "Oh yeah." She didn't look at me. I lifted her head up and kissed her. I didn't care that she threw up. I love her. I pulled back. "I live you Sam…" I said trying hard not to cry. "I love you too Harry…" "SAM!! COME ON!!!!" Simon screamed. "Oh yeah…" I took out the necklace I got for her. She opened it. "A diamond necklace with an H on it? Oh Harry." she hugged me. "SAM COME HERE NOW!" Simon screamed. "Ok…" she had tears running down her cheeks. "Don't cry…Ill call you everyday…Bye it's just, see you soon." I looked at her. "Ok. See you soon." She said and kissed me passionately. She ran downstairs.

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