2. Next Day

Harry's POV 


I woke up and my cheek was still tingling. Sam screamed. I put my boxers on and ran into her room. She was on her phone. "Thank you." She hung up and looked at me. She smiled with excitement. Then she ran to her laptop and patted the spot next to her. I sat next to her and she got on her email. She opened an email. It was her cover. "It's in iTunes now. I can't…Wow look at the number. It's going up super fast. Harry this is awesome." She kissed me with excitement. "Sorry I'm just really excited." She hugged me. "It's ok…" I whispered in her ear. She stopped jumping and looked in my eyes. She leaned in and so did I. Our lips touched. They went in rhythm. Her arms were around my neck and mine were on her waist. Then the doorbell rang. I pulled back. "Hold on." I rolled my eyes and went to the door. The guys. They ran up to Sams room. "Congrats Sam. You've gotten more sales in one song then both of our albums." Liam said. I walked up behind Sam and put my arms around her ribs. "Of course." Niall rolled his eyes. I glared at him. I shook my head. He gasped. "Seriously?" He whispered. I nodded. "Weird." I laughed. "Guys…And Sam. Lets get to the studio." Lou said and they headed out. I held my hand out for Sam. She grabbed it and I lead her outside. Paparazzi. Crap. I let go of Sams hand. She looked at me and I shook my head. She got mad and ran to Nialls car. 


Sams POV 


"your taking me." I demanded. "I'm getting food first. You ever had nandos?" He asked me. "I'm American." I said. "What happened with you and Harry?" He looked at me. I sighed and told him. "Oh. Well let's go." He said and put his seatbelt on. I put mine on and we got food then went to the studio. Harry walked up and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and went over to Niall. We talked about nandos. Then I recorded a few tracks and the guys did too. Niall drove me back to Harry's house. Harry grabbed me and put me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I screamed. "No!" He said angrily. He brought me inside and into his room. He blocked the exit. "What happened?" He looked at me sad. "Why'd you let go?" I looked at the ground. He walked up to me and lifted my head with his index finger. He kissed me softly. "I don't want Simon to get mad." He looked at me. "Hey my happiness is everything to him. It's fine." I smiled at him. He smiled back and kissed me.

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