They Don't Know About Us

"Your to young!" "You don't know what your doing!" "You don't know anything about love!"
They don't know about us.


2. Do you like One Direction?

Dakota's POV

"Dakota, do you like One Direction?" Jadyn asks. I really did not like them at all. "Uhh, No, they're a bunch of fancy rich boys. There music is okay." I say. "I like them." She says. "Oh." I says. I walk into the kitchen and make lunch. "Jaddddyyn, do you want some macaroni and cheese?!" I shout from across the house."YEEESSSS!!!!" She shouts.

*10 minutes later*

"Errr, Jadyn, I burnt the macaroni." I say. She rolled her eyes playfully. "Let's go to Nando's then." She says grabbing her purse. I grabbed mine and we walked out of our apartment to my car.

*Car ride*

What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio.She started singing it, I acted like she was dying. "C'mon Dakota, you know you want to sing!" I say. "No, actually I don't." I say annoyed. "Don't be a party pooper!" She say. I roll my eyes.  

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