New Life

Hannah is just a normall 18 year old girl has a good family and good freinds. She loves to listen to music to help her think and she loves to write. After Hannah graduates from highschool and goes to New York to fufill her dream as a writer will this trip to New York be the best thing that has ever happened to her?


8. New York here we come


        We are on tour in America and so far it's awesome! All the fans here are amazing every single fan in the world is amazing. "Are you guys exited for New York?!" I say jumpping up and down. "Calm down Niall! Yes we are very exited to finally be playing in Madison Square Gardends!" Liam says to me. We just got done with a concert in Washington D.C, and our next concerts in Philly, and after that we are goinhg to be playing in Madison Sqaure Gardends. I'm so exited this has been a dream to me to be able to play there. "Its been a long night guys I'm going to bed." Louis says. After Louis leaves to go to bed the rest of the boys start to go to bed. I'm the only one up. I'm sitting in the little living room in or tour bus flipping through channels. I come up to a show where I see people doing the most stupidest things in the world and my guess the guy up near the big computer/TV laughing his arse off is the host. I decide to watch it because nothing esle good is on. I start lauughing when a guy in a little kid jeep flipps over and hits a pole. When it goes on comercail it says the name of it is Ridiculisness, well that explains it. I turn off the TV and go into my bunk, and I let sleep over take me.


       We have been driving for about 2 and a half hours. Me and Gibby have been singing along to the radio as loud as we could. When we hit a red light I remember Wesley putting something in my pocket. I go to take it out and when I do I just started laughing. "Whats so funny over there?" Gibby askes "Well when I was saying good-bye to Wesley to put something in my pocket an whispered in my ear 'dont do anything stupid and be safe' and I went to see what It was and guess what it was" i say "What?" "Condoms" i say whilst laughing and she laughs too. "Well he did say be safe didnt he" Gibby says whilst still laughing.

5 hours later

        "We are finally here!" I say whilst I park infront of our new apartment. "YAY! C'mon get your ass out of the car so we can atleast get the beds in I'm tired" Hannah says to me. We help our dads get the beds, matteresses, dressers, talble, etc out of the trucks. We manage to  get everything in the apartment with out anything breaking. We diside not to unpack untill tomorrow so we can have an early night. Our dads had to rent a hotel room becuase we didnt have anywhere for them to sleep and no room. I get my bed spred on the bed and I take off my cllothes and out my PJ's on and I crash on the bed.

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