New Life

Hannah is just a normall 18 year old girl has a good family and good freinds. She loves to listen to music to help her think and she loves to write. After Hannah graduates from highschool and goes to New York to fufill her dream as a writer will this trip to New York be the best thing that has ever happened to her?


3. Graduation


       I wake up to someone yelling my name and shaking me to get up. "HANNAH ITS TIME TO GET UP! ITS GRADUATION DAY!" my mom yells at me "C'MON HANNAH! I fixed your favorite waffles and bacon" my mom said "Ugh I'll be down in a minute" with that my mom leaves my room gosh thats what I love about my mom shes so full of life. I pull myself out of bed and make it downstairs I see my little sister Kim and my brother Wesley already eating their waffles and bacon. With me bing my badass self i take my brothers bacon when hes not looking mahaha! "Hannah give me back my bacon now or else" Wesley says "Or else what?" I say challenging him. he gets out of his seat walks over to me and puts me in a head lock and gives me a nuggie "AHH! Alright alright here" I say laughing while giving him the bacon. Yeah my brother and I have that brother sister relationship its quite funny actuly one minute we will be fighting over nothing to no speaking then we just laugh afterwards. My dad hands me my plate with my favorite breakfast food chocolate waffles and bacom with mayple syrup yum. After i finish my food I clean my plate and go up to my room and get ready. I have to ask my mom to my hair becuase I'm not a big fan of doing my hair a messy bun or a ponny tail is good for me. After my mom is done with my hair i get my good jeans and a blue plaid shirt on. I brush my teeth then I grab my keys to my F150 truck I got as an early graduation gift i grab my bag i give my mom a hug and i give my dad a big hug and kiss before i walk out the door.

After graduation

      I got home from a very long day I'm releaved. My graduation sermony was at noon but my grauation party was like forever long but it was really fun. Me and my best friend Gibby snuck a couple beers opps. I mean they expect us not to touch them pish posh, but i didnt take too many to get drunk or anythng so I'm good. When I got home I took off my clothes and hopped in the shower the warn water dropplets going down my body fekt good. I washed my hair then my body. I got out and put a fluffy white towel around my body and brush my teath an brush my hair. I put on my PJ's then i fell in my bed and fell asleep with asmile on my face just a couple days untill I'm off to New York.

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