Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


7. 7. Amy's Choice


5 years on, Upper Leadworth, happy,

Pregnant Amy, get's quite snappy.

Her husband Rory has pony tail,

Her next dilemma will make her go pale...


The Doctor shows, crushing flowers,

Assuming Amy has mystical powers,

At swallowing planets, he doesn't catch on,

That Amy's pregnant, Doctor COME ON!


Sitting on a bench, the drift of and snooze,

They wake in the TARDIS, a dream, but whose?

All having the same dream can give a scare,

Especially when they're all a good 'mare.'


The Dream Lord appears, showing The Doctor has met his match,

He seem's pleasant but there's a catch.

Two worlds, one real, one fake both have a deadly danger,

What a weird task from a total... stranger?


The wake up in Leadworth to find the old very old,

A strange plot begins to unfold.

These looks to easy and not what it seems,

This could be all of Rory's dreams.


They see the Dream Lord again with news,

Before they drift for another snooze.

This world for the Pond's is a normality,

If you die in the real world, you'll day in reality.


Back in the TARDIS they've hit a cold star,

Jetting cold rays from here and far.

The three are cold and literally freezing,

Lets hope this doesn't cause tears and sneezing.


Back in Leadworth life is dull,

If they don't move they will end up a skull.

Amy screams and the baby they think they'll now meet,

Her life turned The Doctor as white as a sheet.


Back in the TARDIS it gets colder,

That burning cold star, like a bolder,

For reality they have a thirst,

Which deadly danger is more worst?


The Doctor and crew see lumps of dust,

Run from the grannies? They really must!

It's revealed their Eknodines, a proud, ancient race,

They have eyes in their mouths - Thats out of place!


They leg it and run, the Pond's back to their house,

Trying to keep quiet like a mouse.

Soon Leadworth will be a blur,

As Amy shouts at the granny: 'Whack 'er!'


The Doc sleeps in the butcher's, for all it's time to decide,

What are they fighing over? They can't hide.

Poncho's out, by Amy's hand,

Time to die looking like a Peruvian folk band.


The Dream Lord keeps Amy in the TARDIS,

She ran away with the handsome hero,

Aside from Rory, who is zero.

But now the boys are waiting for her voice,

Amy's men. Amy's choice.


Back in Leadworth Amy's bruised,

And on his hair Rory's scissors are used.

Through the window falls the Raggedy Man,

Followed by an alien Gran.


She gases Rory and he dissolves into dust,

This will chang Amy's trust.

The Doc can save him, his purpose, maybe?

Rory's last words: 'Look after our baby.'


She didn't know, not until now,

Then she remememberd her life and vow.

All she wants, is Rory, just him.

This next action she does on a whim.


She goes to the Van, asking for the keys,

This next brave action is not done with ease.

The Doc and Amy slam into the house door,

All the three aren't in Leadworth anymore.


They wake up, and The Dream Lord keeps the deal,

Confessing the TARDIS world was real.

But The Doctor's decision is the finality,

He destroys the TARDIS as the Dream Lord can't control reality.


He was right, and Psychic Pollen was to blame,

Making the three play this endless game.

It latches onto the darkness inside, feeding,

Giving it a voice, forming and seeing.


Then Amy admits her confession,

With a nervous, anxious expression.

This makes helps the Pond's to mend,

By taking them on a better bend.


The Pond's show each other loving affection,

As The Doctor see's The Dream Lord's reflection.








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