Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


5. 5. Flesh and Stone


All the crew lie on the ground.

In a large, uncomfortable mound.

Amy doesn't understand their whole skip,

But then realises they are standing on the Byzantium ship.


Upside down, using the Grav Glove for a boost,

A new form of gravity is introduced.

They enter the ship through a tunnel,

A series of metal tubes like a funnel.


They all climb in, but the power's failing,

Soon to be followed by darkness and wailing.

The power blinks and they see an angel's hand,

Twisted stone faces in a dangerous band.


The Doc's got a plan to open the door,

But not all are on side anymore,

The clerics and other's have serious doubts,

As in order to do this, the lights have to go out.


They do it, scared as Amy counts down,

As in bullets the angels drown.

They get through the doors to the top of the deck,

It's lucky as the ship is a wreck.


They find a forest, and oxygen factory,

But the angels laugh is unsatisfactory.

Amy keeps counting for The Doc to find,

There is an angel inside her mind.


The angels are coming but The Doc's having a chat,

Extremely close to having a spat.

Comfy chairs with angel Bob,

The next thing they see will make head's throb.


They need to climb through the forest, it's the only way to escape,

But then they notice a dangerous shape.

The crack in time, and in her wall,

Shining bright and standing tall.


The Doc says they have to run, and they leave him behind,

However the angel's grab could've been more kind.

The crack's energy is dangerous to touch,

You'll be forgotten and not born when in contact with too much.


Amy's scared and the angel's coming through,

To try and catch me and you.

She's dying and The Doctor wants no lies,

And to close the angel she shuts her eyes.


She can't open them again, she's almost blind,

All The Doctor wants is to be kind.

The Doc and River split leaving Amy to adjust.

The Doctor returns, asking for trust.


The Doc finds out River killed a man,

And that she's under custody with the Cleric Clan.

But an angel grabs Octavian in a tight lock,

The jump it gave made quite a shock.


The Doctor had to leave, and Octavian was content,

Then his neck was snapped and bent.

The Doctor climbed through to the control deck,

To find River trying to fix a teleport wreck.


Meanwhile the Clerics have gone into the crack,

Not one of them did ever come back.

But now The Doc has to get Amy to him,

It will truly be a journey grim.


She still can't see as the angel's in her eye,

But now she really could die.

As she has to walk like she can see,

Trying to move around some angels, three.


If she doesn't move fast she'll never have been born,

As the time energy will cause her life to be torn.

She keeps moving until she has a trip,

As an angel lunges for a grip.


River saves the day and fixes the machine,

Causing a bright, flashing screen.

The light, the angel's no clerics, just him.

The angels laugh's cause a din.


The Doc has a plan to shut up the crack,

Feed it the angel's, in a stack.

He switches the gravity, him, River and Amy hang on,

The angel's fall and soon they're gone.


On a beach Amy finds out she's free,

Of any angel stopping her see.

River says The Doctor and her will meet again soon,

It seems they only meet in a blue moon.


Can he trust her, as the truth is fat.

He can if he like's, but no fun in that!

Amy wants a visit home,

Remember, now is not the time to roam.


It's her wedding night, and Amy's changed her heart,

She's onto The Doctor like a dart.

Now he's realised he faces a climb,

The explosion causing the crack is at Amy's time.



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